Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still sick

Yesterday was the fifth straight day Jocelyn's had a fever. Time to take her in. Lest you think I'm a horrible mother for not taking her in sooner, remember she was on antibiotics until Thursday. So whatever she has is viral and I didn't want to waste the time and money going to the peditrician to be told, "Give her Tylenol and turn on the humidifier."

The doctor thought pnemonia could be the culprit since a fever with RSV doesn't usually last that long, so we were sent to the hospital for x-rays of Joci's chest.

Quote of the day from Justin:

"We won't let her have sugar, but we're going to let them blast her chest with radiation."

We were nervous, if you can't tell.

Joci was a trooper for the x-rays. It must have been uncomfortable to lay on those hard films. Justin and I both suited up in x-ray vests so we could help hold her in awkward positions.

The x-rays showed clean lungs. No pneumonia. So we have another case of RSV (she had this last November) and a case of bronchiolitis. I have never seen my baby so listless, so zoned out. It's really sad and worrisome.

I called my mom yesterday and she's on her way here now to help with Joci since Joci won't be able to go to daycare for a few more days and I am running out of time off.

So that's the update. If she's still running a fever tomorrow, the doctor wants to see her again and he'll get "more aggressive with diagnosis." Whatever that means.


Jill Elizabeth said...

Oh, poor little dear! I'm praying for her. There's nothing sadder than a sick baby. I hope she gets better soon.

Jessica said...

Sad! Poor little one...and poor mom and dad. That can't be fun for anyone. Hope she's back to her self soon!

Amy said...

What a tough week! It's always so sad to see your baby sick. :( I hope she gets better really soon!!

Meagan said...

:( Sad. RSV can be pretty scary. I'll be sure and include her in my prayers.


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