Friday, February 5, 2010

A Teeny Piggy Tail and Other Firsts

Joci has had a few fun firsts this past week.

She clapped.

She said "mom."

She grabs my nose when I ask her, "Where's Mom's nose?"

She'll grab my finger and put it on her nose when I ask, "Where's Joci's nose?"

She's learning to use her sippy cup.

She's started eating table food at daycare. So far she's really loved scalloped potatoes, bananas, and tator tots. She's still not sure about noodles.
They must be kind of slimy.

can you see that teeny, tiny piggy tail? she didn't
tug on it at all.

still trying to get the hang of the sippy cup. so far, she hasn't really liked juice.

sleeping with daddy

the full moon from january. because of the rotation of the moon brought it as close to earth as it ever gets, and because this just happened on a full moon night, it was a super bright full moon. justin took this picture and it turned out pretty good.


Jamie Boyd said...

That ponytail is adorable. And its a good thing if she doesn't like juice. At Jackson's 18 month appointment, our doctor said that most parents push juice and then kids become addicted to it and won't drink milk and then you have to switch them to water at some point. So it's good if she doesn't like juice. Stick to milk and water. That was my obnoxious preachy mom comment. I hate people like me :)

Lara said...

I have no problem with the fact that she doesn't like juice. I was just trying to tempt her so she'd learn to use the sippy cup since she's supposed to be off the bottle in 2 months. And in the past when she's constipated and juice is a good remedy for that, she wouldn't drink it. So we've had to figure other things out. :) But I'm happy if she doesn't get addicted.

Liz Smith said...

yay!! aww.. she's getting so big! i can't believe how fast time flies!! im glad you are enjoying every second. :)

Mom on the Go said...

Cute stuff! I love the piggy tail.


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