Friday, March 12, 2010

And My Style Is...

image from Accents of Salado. I could spend a lot of money on this website.

Ashley left me a link to this quiz that determines your home decor style. I probably spent five minutes on each question, I took so long doing it. I took it three times because it was so hard for me to select my answers. In the end, I got three different answers.

Mediterranean style

Romantic Style

New Old World

I figure that New Old World and Mediterranean are closely related and I can definitely agree with those. Heavy woods, sophisticated details, rich, various textures, and a rustic feel. There are some aspects of Romantic style I like, but I don't really care for floral prints and muted pastels, so this one is a bit of a stretch for me.

Also, Liz, I think need to take you shopping. My clothing style is safe. That's the best way to describe it. And I only have one pair of jeans. Isn't that kind of sacrilegious for a girl to only have one pair of jeans?


Liz Smith said...

i have faith that someday our paths will cross...and when that day comes, we will DEFINITELY have to take a shopping trip. :D

Jamie Boyd said...

That quiz link took me to a page that tried to make me sign up for their website. Did you have to do that?

Meagan said...

Your style is Classic Casual

AKA Transitional. A mix of contemporary and traditional. Usually updated, graceful, enduring.

If only I could spend tons of money to make my house how I want it!!


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