Monday, March 1, 2010

A Broken Fever

Jocelyn's fever broke and that's something I don't mind breaking and staying broken. :) Hooray! Within minutes she was suddenly herself again. Well, her sick, fussy, cranky self. But no more of this limp baby staring off into space. She's back to trying to eat dog food, trying to pull the Wii off the shelf, and trying to follow me wherever I go. It's great.

I'm so grateful to my mom who flew up yesterday. It's given Jocelyn the time she needs to get better and will give me the time to go to work. I hope she's having a little fun watching her grandbaby and that it's not too miserable being cooped up with a sick little cranky pants. You're the best, Mom! I love you.

P.S. I'll have to do yesterday's journal jar post late.


Mom on the Go said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better. Sick babies are no fun at all!!

Hays Family said...

for a sick baby she sure has been a job to take care of. What a sweetheart. Love, grandma hays


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