Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eleven Months Old

The Grandmas have spoken. They want more Joci pictures and Joci updates.

This is how we survive mornings - confine and entertain so I can get ready for work.

Jocelyn turned 11 months old a week ago and here are some of the things that have happened in the last month or so.

She got her first tooth at the end of February when she was sick with RSV. Bottom right. The bottom left tooth just showed up on Sunday.

Her first word: duck. She will look at her toy duck in the bathtub and say "duck." She knows exactly what it means.

She pulls up onto everything. Doesn't do too much furniture cruising yet.

She's going through a Mommy phase right now. She follows me everywhere and clings to my legs. She'll follow me into any room she can. When I go downstairs, Joci stands at the baby gate just staring until I reemerge. Even when Justin is trying to play with her and keep her busy while I cook or shower or something, she just wants her Mom. I think it hurts his feelings a bit. And it means I get a lot less done around here.

Since she's crawling and sitting up and pulling up, she's getting "stuck" more and more. And this leads to more bonks. We're still waiting for her first goose egg, but I'm fine if she wants to put it off. Anyway, because of the more frequent occurrence of bonks, you'll be happy to know that Joci cries pretty much on a daily basis. Not always. She didn't cry once yesterday. Hey - I'm not bragging. Just enjoying.

Joci loves table food and eats everything. She really chows down on toast and white cheddar shells Pasta-Roni.

She was moved up to a new class at daycare. I cried. But she's having fun and is able to learn more and play better. She painted her first picture - a shamrock - using tinted corn syrup.

She learned to blow kisses this last weekend.

When our big dog Piper licks her face, she gets so mad (I would too!).

Baths are a super fun treat. She violently splashes and laughs hysterically the whole time.
Jocelyn loves the dishwasher. It helps her stand, has moving parts, and when it is
full of dishes, they make fun, loud noises.

A funny incident happened a few weeks ago. Normally Joci sleeps great through the night. But when she was sick, she wouldn't eat great, so she would often need a bottle in the night. And I spent a lot of late nights holding and rocking her. So one night I was dead beat. Justin said he'd take care of Joci so I could just sleep. Bless him. She cried in the night and Justin made her a bottle and gave it to her. Normally, she'll drink the bottle on her own in the crib and go back to sleep. That didn't happen. She never stopped crying. Yet Justin fell back asleep. I shook him awake and asked him what happened. Had he made a bottle? Had she taken it? Yes and yes. A few minutes later, Joci's fussy cries turned to desperate wails. Justin was out like a light, so I went to get her. She was standing up in her crib, huge tears rolling down her cheeks. I picked her up. I looked for the bottle in the crib to see if she'd drank it all. As I felt for it, I noticed the sheets and blanket were soaking wet. Very odd. Then I found the bottle. Joci had somehow pushed the nipple all the way to the bottom of the bottle so ALL the milk spilled in her bed. She managed to stay dry, but it took another bottle and a change of bedding to get her back to sleep.

How our poodle Katie helps us clean up after meals.

One of the few playful moments with my mom when Joci was so sick.

Standing is so fun!

She's always after the laptop.

Watching the dogs play outside is a favorite.
Can't wait until the weather warms up and I can take Joci outside.

St. Paddy's Day


The Gotch Family said...

She is getting so big. I cried when my kids moved up to the next class (I thought they are too little, they will get hurt, they don't know these new girls). But they really started learning a lot once they moved up, they aren't treated as babies anymore. I am so glad you guys are parents, it is the coolest thing in the whole world. Now I often think, what did I used to do with all of my spare time?

Ashley said...

I just realized that I don't have your e-mail. This is sad and unacceptable. Especially since I just posted the last installment of the "how we met" saga. how am I supposed to tell you???



I love this post. As special as newborns are, it's my personal feelings that the "older baby" age is THE BEST!!!! It's incredible all of the new and different things they learn and experience every day. In fact it kinda makes me wanna borrow someone's baby for a day....:)


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