Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny Stories

We had a fun weekend. You saw the lime video. But some other noteworthy "firsts" happened.

Joci learned to wave.

She learned where teeth are. She can now identify two body parts - nose and teeth.

She can now do three signs fairly well: milk, more, and out.

At church on Sunday she co-directed the choir by waving her arms during all the songs at church.

She discovered how fun it is to drop food to the dogs. Oh, glory.

And she started furniture walking like nobody's business.

Yesterday we were shopping at Walmart. I decided to get her a pair of shoes that matched her Easter dress. She was happily playing with them as she sat in the cart. Then she leaned over and dangled them over the edge of the cart and looked at me with a mischievous grin. She dangled them for about a minute, then let them drop on the floor. She laughed while I picked them up. I handed the shoes back to her. She caught my eyes and smiled sneakily. Then she dangled the shoes over the edge again. Little imp.

There are certain things Joci is not supposed to get into. Like the dogs' food and water dishes. And the shelf under the television set with the Wii and the Playstation. If she gets into these things, she has a minute of alone time in her crib. A few days ago she started touching the Playstation with her feet, while smiling mischievously. Like she won't get in trouble if she's not using her hands. And now she's started something new. She'll take a toy and crawl over to the Playstation and set it on top. Now she has an excuse to touch it - her toy is there! And yesterday she did that with the dog food bowl. She plopped a ball right in with the dog food. Well now she has to get in the dish to get her toy out. Can't get in trouble for that, right? Seriously, how does this logic develop? Silly baby.

Can you see her two bottom teeth?


Jamie Boyd said...

Smart kids are a blessing and a curse, and Joci is definately too smart for her age. Sure, she's going to do a lot of very clever, sneaky things for the next 18 years, but imagine the money you'll save with her college scholarships.

Meagan said...

Asher will touch his nose to something he's not supposed to touch. Like noses don't count. Gotta love it.


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