Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joci Versus the Lime

We went out to a gem of a local Mexican restaurant Friday.

Any parent of a young child knows that eating out involves about an hour of creative entertainment slash distraction just to get through the meal.

During one such entertaining slash distracting move, I gave Joci the lime from my drink.

Oh yeah.

It was better than I expected.

As soon as we paid the tab and got in the car, I turned to Justin and said, "Let's go buy a lime. We gotta get that on video."

It's important to document these kinds of things for posterity's sake.

I know you...

but I ain't afraid of ya...

veni, vidi, vici!

and the lime wound up on the floor.

While her reaction at the restaurant was more extreme, this still totally cracks me up. Here's a video of it going down. Plus some fun baby tricks to boot - including her first word.


Jamie Boyd said...

I just want to give Joci a big hug right now. Could you ship her to me? I'll send her right back.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send her right back. Poor little baby - I think the lime took her breath away. On a side note we used a lemon and got the same reaction from Justin and his brother when they were little. She does definitely say "duck." Gosh what a cutie pie. I can't hardly wait until her B-Day, it will so fun.

Grandma Z

Jennie Smith said...

That was so cute! Joci is such a joy! She makes me laugh every time I see her!


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