Monday, March 8, 2010

Journal Jar: Extra-Curricular Activities

I would have loved to scan in some old school pictures, but I am simply too busy with freelance at the moment.

What kind of extra-curricular activities did you participate in at school?

I did cheerleading, drama, and journalism in middle school. I was really surprised that I made the cheer squad. It was such a dream of mine and I figured it just wouldn’t ever happen. Our middle school had 3 squads (probably to gives more girls the opportunity)—football, boys basketball, and girls basketball and wrestling. I went for girls basketball and wrestling because it was the least popular squad and it helped my chances. I loved wearing the uniforms to school on game day and cheering was really fun. I got annoyed with all the stereotypes and the catty girls, so I didn’t pursue it in high school.

In high school, I was a statistician for the wrestling team. I kept score, mopped the mats, oversaw routine first aid (applying ice to ankles and bandages to bloody noses), filmed the matches, gave massages, and other menial things. My best friends did this as well and it was awesome. We got to go to all the tournaments and invitationals all over the state and made some awesome memories. Like the time the hot tub at the hotel was closed and we were bummed so we decided to just all cram into our bathtub with our swimming suits on. We even lettered in wrestling. I love telling people that. J

I continued with journalism in high school, but got out of print and went into video. I was the on-air talent for our daily live announcement broadcasts and did talent and script work for our pre-edited specials. While I knew how to video, edit, mix sound, and do the lighting, talent was my forte. I was named director my junior year (equivalent of editor of the newspaper—big stuff!) and continued with it my senior year. I loved it. Everyone knew who I was because they saw my face and name on the broadcasts every day, so it made me more popular than I probably was. ;) State and national competitions were the best. Lots of fun trips and memories.

Drama continued in high school with numerous plays and competitions. It was a true love of mine and I continued it in college. I went to state competitions, auditioned and cast in plays and musicals, and directed a play. It was a ton of fun and led me to some very meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

So I obviously gave up the status of cool cheerleader for drama nerd, but I’m happy I did.

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