Friday, March 19, 2010

A New Title on My Resume

Twenty-one minutes ago I turned in the completed copy for my first freelance project. It was a BIG project by industry standards. One hundred hours and eight weeks later, I am finally breathing a sigh of relief.

Do it with me now.


Freelancing has been fun, stressful, inspiring, daunting, and rewarding all at the same time. I guess I'm saying I'm kind of proud of myself. It feels really good to be done - and to feel like I've done a good job.
I am kicking back now and celebrating with How I Met Your Mother reruns. I'll go to bed in a bit. It will be the first night in about 3 weeks that I've slipped between the sheets before midnight.

I've got to give kudos to Justin who has really been supportive through this. For the past 3 weeks, as soon as he walked in the door from work, I handed him the baby and holed up in my room for the rest of the night to write. He's dealt with feedings, bathtimes, bedtimes, laundry, cleaning, and more. He's even made me dinner almost every night. It's been a sacrifice for both of us, but he hasn't complained once. And whenever I try to apologize for how much of my slack he's had to pick up, he (politely) tells me to shut up, I don't need to apologize.

So as a thank-you to Justin - and as a way to make up for 3 weeks of barely talking - I've planned a date for us tomorrow! Lunch. Bowling. And a couples' massage. I'm seriously excited. I haven't had a Saturday to waste away for quite some time. I totally deserve this.

Would I do it again?


But hopefully I'll get a bit of a break before starting my next freelance project.


Jessica said...

Way to go! Do the rest of us get to appreciate this fine piece of work at some point? I'd love to read it...especially if you wrote it!

Liz Smith said...

a couples' massage sounds heavenly!!! have fun! congrats on finishing your project. :)


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