Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Your Style?

I've been thinking a lot about style lately. It's nice to have a style, a signature. Style for anything - clothes, music, interior decor.

I've been trying to figure mine out. I like so many different things. It's always fun to go into someone's home who has an obvious style, whether it's country, modern, southwest, or whatever. I would love to do more with my home, but I feel like I can't commit!

My grandma always had a well put-together home with a beautiful style on the fancy, Victorian side. She said that when she bought something for her home, it had to pass the temple test. Would this be something I'd see in the Salt Lake Temple? While all temples are gorgeously decorated, some are more modern than others while some are more ornate. The Salt Lake Temple falls into a romantic, formal, ornate style.

  the Celestial room in the Salt Lake Temple

Do you have a style? Is there some guiding principle you have when it comes to picking out your wardrobe or your home decor? Is it more of a color scheme? Are there styles you wish you could pull off, but can't? I've always liked the edgier, punkier style of clothing. Think black tutus, leggins, and pink screened tees at Hot Topic. I couldn't pull that off (I know I'm 28 and wouldn't dare wearing anything like that, but even when I was young enough to try, I just wasn't cool enough).

A glimpse of our living room style. Leather couches. Red curtains. Neutral carpets and walls. Lots of neutral around here. I'm styleless!

So as I'm trying to figure out my signature, I'm just wondering what's yours?


Amy said...

I don't really have a style either! I think I'm more on the country, with a twist of modern, side of things, but I'm not really sure. I wish I knew what my style really was, because that would be very helpful. :) Your new header is super cute, by the way!!

Liz Smith said...

im all about contemporary. clean lines, dark wood, white trim, and calming colors. i just find it soothing. (granted, my house doesnt look this yet because getting it to look like i wanted it would require a TON of $$$) i can't stand traditional/frilly anything....probably the reason why staying at a bed and breakfast has never ever appealed to me because i wouldn't be able to get over the ugliness (to me) of the room and i wouldn't be able to relax.

as far as fashion, im kinda all over the place. I like wearing fun outfits like leggings and a oversized top with fun heels or boots. i also like a classic sweater or top with jeans. and i like comfy pants and a t-shirt. one thing's for sure though, my heels and my designer jeans are my most treasured items in my closet.

Ashley said...

I have this same problem. The way I see myself and the way I actually am (and what I can pull off) are two totally different things.

For example, I'd love to wear Audrey Hepburn style clothing. Elegant, simple and understatedly classic. However, my body shape does not allow this. Apparently, larger 'girls' means you're stuck either wearing lots of ruffles and flowers or looking like a hooker (a la Pam Anderson.) Not my style at all.

As far as personal home style, the issue we have is the Rittman clash of opinions and taste. Mike's got this whole overly mod thing he likes (think black leather couches with brushed nickel feet) and I'm all into eclectic things that don't match and are bright, airy and comfortable.

So we're still duking that one out. Our settle is dark wood (like espresso) with green, silver and white. As I'm typing this I'm realizing he's won.... ;)

Ashley said...

Melissa Giles said...

I think I'm a practical classy kind of styled person. No need to be extravegant in anyway, but just enouph to be nice. I hate ruffles and lace but rather I like straight lines and solid colors. I usually wait a few months to years to follow any fashion trend. But I also want stuff all the time that I can't afford and still wish that my house looked different. I really like your Christmas tree!


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