Monday, April 19, 2010

Aviator Glasses Make Me Look Like a Pedophile

They're supposed to be the LBD of eyewear. Classic. Timeless. A classic style for everyone.

But I serious look like a deranged psychopath in them.

I don't own a pair. Seriously, I wouldn't unleash that on the world. But I thought about buying some today. I am need of new sunglasses. My beloved cheap Wal-Mart sunglasses are getting too embarrassing to wear. A couple of the rhinestones have fallen out (yep, I said rhinestones) and tortoise-shell finish (these glasses are classy, I tell ya) is flaking off the plastic frames, often leaving little black flecks on the bridge of my nose that I am unaware of.

I thought I would look into Aviators. They are super sophisticated on celebs like Jen and Jess.

But alas, when I don the fashion, I look like I should be doing time.

Have you ever run into that? A fashion that you just can't pull off?

Also, on my shopping trip, I got to thinking about brand snobbery. I mean, brand loyalty. What brands do you have to have? What things are you willing to go generic on to save a few bucks?

Here are things I cannot in good faith compromise on:
toilet paper
peanut butter
boxed macaroni
hair products
ice cream
salad dressing

But I could care less about:
cold cereal
hand soap (especially if I transfer it to a cute bottle)
sour cream
off-brand Crystal Light drink mixes (I actually prefer the generic brand - it dissolves better)

What are yours?


Shellie said...

LOL!!! I'll have to see a pic of you with aviator glasses but I'm sure you look more backwoods bomber than pedophile! you know ted kazicinski style...

beautiful family Lara!

Briant said...

Briant's brand loyalties include:
Nike Tennis Shoes
Pizza Hut Pizza
Microsoft Windows
Oscar Mayer Wieners
Polo Bi-Swing Windbreakers
Easton Ice Hockey Sticks

Briant's brand loyalties do not include:
Tom's Gyros
Southwest Airlines
M&M/Mars Candy
University of Utah Athletics

Haylee said...

You should try the Walmart brand mac and cheese THICK AND CREAMY style. I had a roommate introduce me to it and I fell in love. Well, as much as one can love boxed macaroni. Before that, I was like you, it had to be the good stuff. But the thick and creamy stuff is even better and cheaper to buy!

Liz Smith said...

i was hoping you would post a pic of you in aviators so i could see for myself. :) i know what you mean though, i don't think i can pull them off either, but i still want some. sometimes i like to force myself into a trend just to get me out of my comfort zone. this has led to previous fashion backfires, but it's fun to experiment. :P jared actually has a pair of aviators and he looks awesome in kind of makes me jealous. :P

as far as brands go, jared likes to call me a grocery snob as well as a brand snob. im trying to think of generic stuff i buy and i can't think of least not right off the top of my head. i really should start exploring would save me lots of $$$. maybe someday...

kelley said...

Ha! I just bought a pair of aviators. I was worried I would feel stupid but I think it's all about the attitude. If you feel cool then you ARE cool. Right?

As far as brands go, I'm almost always a name brand girl when it comes to grocery store products but my husband is working on getting me more open minded. He tells me to try it once in the store brand and if I don't like it, we'll go back. A good compromise, I guess!

Jessica said...

What? No pictures of you in the aviators?! C'mon!

As far as brand snobbery jeans, mac computers, bumble hairspray. There are several others that I will choose between two brands (like OJ for example, Tropicana or Simply Orange), but yeah...for me, it's all about quality.


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