Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Pictures

You've had a birthday
Shout Hooray!
We want to sing to you today
One year older and wiser too
Happy birthday to you!

I'm a glutton for punishment. Here are pictures of our day.

The two birthday cakes. The pink one was smashed during a photo shoot at Sweet Pea Photography and the red one was for our family party.

Joci's first nap of the day found her in this silly position.

After the nap, we had Joci's 1 year photo shoot. I think we got some really great pictures and I am so excited. We swung by Bajio on the way home and had fabulous food. Joci chowed down on refried beans, Mexican rice, tortillas, and mango salsa.

When we got home, Joci went down for a nice long nap and let us get ready.
Daddy and Grandma decorated the house with festive streamers and balloons while Mom made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner and got the cupcakes ready (the cake was done the night before).

Joci's cake and the daisy and ladybug cupcakes. I knew I wanted to do a ladybug but I wasn't sure exactly how to do the frosting and the face with it. Justin helped search out different methods and was responsible for the conception of this idea. I thought it turned out very cute.

 Aunt Jen, cousin Haiden, and the birthday girl

The party guests were Grandma and Grandpa Z, Nana Johnson, Jon, Jen, and Haiden, and Jordan, Cindy, and Afton. Grandma and Grandpa H wanted to fly up and surprise Joci, but all the flights were full. We missed them but we were tickled by the thought.  

Playing with Grandpa

Presenting Joci with her cake and candle (sorry about the bad lighting)

It took her a long while to decide to play with it.

We took her hands and showed her how to play in the cake until she got a little curious on her own.

Grandpa has been looking forward to feeding his granddaughter ice cream for a very long time.

In the end, she got really messy. Her favorite part of the cake was the licorice antennae.

Mom insisted on a bath.

Look at all the loot!

Let's get started.

Mom helped.

We had a very fun day. Thanks to our family who came to celebrate and who called and wished Joci a happy birthday. And above all, thank you to two loving people who gave birth to Joci a year ago and made us parents. This has been hands-down the best year of our lives.


Liz Smith said...

happy birthday, joci!!! i love the ladybug cake and cupcakes. so cute. looks like one awesome birthday!

Hays Family said...

I want a birthday like that. Wow two darling cakes (you both did a great job on them) cupcakes and a ton a gifts. What a fun time for all. Happy Birthday, Joci.

Jamie Boyd said...

I can't believe she took a nap like that. It's amazing how little kids can sleep anywhere in any position. The cake looked amazing. Joci is adorable.


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