Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bring Out Your Boobs

Didn't feel any earthquakes today. Did you?

Today was dubbed "Boobquake" Day. Did you miss the memo? You can catch up on it here. A Muslim religious leader claims that female immodesty is the cause of earthquakes. So today was dubbed Boobquake to scientfically test the theory. Thousands of women wore revealing clothing hoping to make the ground rumble.

I'm kind of disappointed that nothing happened. I mean, think about it. If my breasts actually caused natural disasters, I would have a kind of power that only characters in Marvel comics could dream of. I could threaten my husband to take out the trash or else. We wouldn't have to worry about Iran's nuclear weapons policy. Just line up a bunch of topless women on the border and get the ground a shakin'.

If you didn't know about Boobquake and you want to participate, I'm sure we can extend the event for another day. Maybe natural disasters need more than one day to form. Or maybe we'll create some aftershocks. If nothing else, you can dress in something sexy and let the girls out for a little air.

Either way, it's a good day for breasts.


Ashley said...

there are a million things i want to respond with and none of them are appropriate. curses!

i'm pretty convinced i could cause some natural disasters myself. if not at least a nose-bleed.

Shellie said...

Lara your my kind of blogger/writer! Hope you don't mind that I'm reading but I love when people keep it real and talk about anything thats on their mind...

I did hear about boobquake and on that note didn't wear a shade shirt under my "low cut top" it was quite pleasant. Seriously I should just get rid of all my shade shirts... its getting to hot here in georgia anyway.

Amy said...

I don't think much trash would get taken out by the husband if you threatened to expose your boobs....even if it did cause an earth quake. If there is an earth quake due to woman exposing their boobs, it's because of all the men running to get a peek. Funny post. Thanks for making me laugh.

Jennie Smith said...

That was awesome! I laughed through the whole thing!


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