Friday, April 30, 2010

The One Thing You Must Know About Surviving Infertility

When it comes to infertility, a slightly twisted sense of humor goes a long, long way in keeping your sanity as the whole world around you is constantly popping small humans out of their loins and celebrating such activity.

Pregnant Women Are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates.

Yeah, so maybe my sense of humor is a little irreverant. I blame my mother. (Not sure why - just seems like the appropriate thing to do in a time like this.) And just a little more of my irreverance...

When we were pursuing medical treatments, my husband and I came up with names for each other (this was actually spawned by the movie Juno when Rainn Wilson calls Ellen Page "Fertile Mertile").

So I called Justin "Slow-Swim Jim."

And he called me "Menopause Roz" and "No-Ovulate Kate."

I still have coworkers who call me "Kate." And I kind of love it. :)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

So, the video you posted...pretty much hilarious! Perspective... oh how I wish I could have more (and oh how I wish I could send some to a few who need it)!


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