Friday, April 9, 2010

Ideas for Birth Parent Gift

Jocelyn's birthday is a week from tomorrow. I need to get a package together to send to her birth family. I normally send pictures and a letter at least once a month. But this needs to be special. I'm sure it will be a hard day for them. Any ideas of what to include?


Alicia said...

I'm sure they would appreciate anything you sent but an idea I had was to preserve a hand print or foot print. Maybe with finger paints? Good luck!

Ashley said...

I saw this idea; get your camera and take pictures of Joci's day, starting from when she wakes up. "Day in the life of Joci" and turn it into a scrapbook.

Groff Family said...

How about a DVD of videos of Joci over her first year? With any firsts that you have captured. I like all the other ideas too, maybe all three would be awesome


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