Sunday, April 11, 2010

Journal Jar: County Fair

Tell about going to the County Fair or the amusement park when you were a child.

Going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho, was a rare treat as a child. My parents were supporting a family of seven on one smallish income, and something like the fair was just superfluous. Not that they wouldn't take us on fun outings, but they really wanted to make sure our outing were worthwhile. We usually went to Lagoon every summer and we traveled a lot. The fair was just expensive - an entry fee, a fee for every ride, a fee for games and sites, and the food is very expensive too.

I think I remember going maybe once as a little child. Then we went a couple times when I was a teenager, and that was because my mom had made prize-winning quilts that were on display. But we were never allowed to go on the rides or eat anything there. But I loved seeing all the animals and walking through all the camper trailers.

As an adult, we've gone every year. I love it. We don't go on the rides. We just love to walk around and watch all the people. Not to be rude, but there's nothing like a county fair to make you feel like a super-model. Serious boost for the self-esteem. Still no rides for us - they just don't appeal to us now. But we spend a ludicrous amount of money on fair food. We time it so we get at leasts two meals there - lunch and dinner - and gorge ourselves. We split dishes and buy stuff on the way out to maximize our fair food experience. Our favorites are smoked turkey legs, tortatoes, tiger ears, Idaho trout, fresh squeezed lemonade, and scone bites. And we love to see all the animals, see the photography on display, window shop, walk through the campers, and watch the free performances like children dancing and singers.

I love the fair. Maybe it's because one of my favorite songs of all time is County Fair by Chris LeDoux. Now I'm craving a turkey leg. Wish it were September!
fair 2009 - smoked turkey leg

fair 2009 - miniature horse


Groff Family said...

We have fun at the fair too, but I have to totally disagree about the fair food. I HATE it! Everything is fried and it makes my stomach churn. I don't eat a lot of fried food. So funny how we difer.

Kari said...

We wanted to go last year but never made it—which is silly because we lived in Blackfoot at the time. I know what you mean about watching the people though. Bill Engvall's 'Going to the Fair' explains it all.


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