Thursday, April 29, 2010

One in Seven Is Infertile - Are You?

My mom.
My mother-in-law.
My sister.
My aunt.
My cousin.
My best friend from high school.
One of my current best friends.
At least five coworkers/wives of coworkers (also good friends).
Lots of friends from the blogosphere.

I know a lot of infertile people. I probably know more people than this - but I'm not aware of their battle. There are different reasons for their infertility. Endometriosis. PCOS. Cysts. Tumors. Sperm quality/quantity issues. And the dark unknown.

There are different ways these women and their husbands handle infertility. Keep trying. Medical procedures. IVF. Adoption. Coping and acceptance. Childless lives.

Many of them have children now. That's such a blessing. Such a blessing. But it doesn't make the worry and struggle of infertility go away. (From experience though, children do help!)

I am surrounded by strong, beautiful women fighting a dreary battle. (Random side note: the depression levels in infertile women is the same as in cancer patients.)

One in seven couples in infertile. If you're one of them, you are in good company (not to brag...heh, heh).

This poem is dedicated to all of those who've are traversing (or have traversed) the black terrain of infertility.  See the orignal posting of the poem here. (And if you ever need someone to "talk" to, someone to come out of the infertility closet to, email me, leave a comment, just get in touch.)

by Lara Hays

It's so cold
My hand on this bed where you should be
Like rain, like frost, like ice
My palms against my ears
But I can't help but hear
the sound of hollow
Filling all the cracks in sight
It fills this room, this empty room
The empty bed and my empty head
And all the empty things inside

Why don't I deserve you?
Why do you never come?
You give your promise time after time
And yet you never come

And they're so cold
These arms that should be holding you
Like rain, like frost, like ice
I can't escape the hollow
The din that smears my will to fight
It fills this room, this empty room
The empty bed and my empty head
And all the empty things inside

1 comment:

Amy said...

I have recently found out that I am far from infertile...but my heart brakes for those who are. It's sad because you see so many women who you know would be amazing, perfect mothers, but the one thing that would make them such just won't come. I've wondered lately if the opposite is true too...those who need to learn to be more patient, kind mothers are given more children to help them become better at it. :) Thanks for your post...I think you are amazing!


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