Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Perfect Recipe to a Disastrous Day

Take high expectations and dash them using a facade of praise.

Add one bored to death work day.

Sprinkle in bleeding blisters caused by seriously cute but seriously painful summer wedges

Generously apply one bizarrely fussy baby who missed a nap and cried inconsolably for hours on end

Mix it up with the first day of a diet irritation (no sugar, no caffeine = headache)

Finish with a car that has been dealt a deathblow by a blown gasket and the imminent fun of trying to afford another used car, which will cost considerably more than it would've a year ago thanks to Obama's Cash for Clunkers program which depleted the shopping pool of used cars

Garnish with the realization that the new transmission we put in said dead car two months ago isn't even paid off yet.

Sprinkle with the dread of driving my brother's old, scary stick shift truck to work for who knows how long

Finish with a dash of depression over using freelance money and tax return money to secure a new car instead of paying off our financed adoption as planned

Combine ingredients and agitate thoroughly. Let stew for an entire evening.


Ashley said...

i hear ya. next time you're bored at work let me know. i've got a million useless sites i can direct you to. bwa ha ha.

Jessica said...

Rough. On the bright side, today can't get worse! Oh, and I wouldn't think any different of you if you had a nice, cold, caffeinated soda. Hope today is MUCH better!

Cindy said...

Well, think of it this way, I will be going to the hospital any day now and you can drive my jeep for a few days it is not as scary as the truck. If the truck is too much for you let me know, I may be nice and gave you a ride to work. :)

mom2jjk said...

And then if you are like me...add a sleepless night because you can't turn your brain off!

Hope today is better for you!

Mom on the Go said...

I don't like this recipe and I hope I won't be trying it- EVER! Not a good day at all! You guys should come over for dinner and games, consider yourselves invited (just give me notice).

Kristy Skoy said...

I sure hope today is a better day. Call if you need anything! I can always give you a ride if you need it.

Alicia said...

I'm sorry! I noticed that you do not have Honda listed as a possible brand. I've heard good things about Honda's.

Amy said...

What a rough day. I hope that things get better! Sorry about the car, that really stinks. I hope you can find a good deal on a new one!

Liz Smith said...

hang in there! it seems like these things happen all at once. sooo frustrating. :(

p.s. congrats on your new niece! :)


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