Tuesday, May 25, 2010

13 Months Old

My little darling is now 13 months old. She's still a baby. She can't be a toddler until she actually toddles, right? And while she is gaining confidence in her balance and sometimes for the briefest second she'll stand all by herself, I think we're still a little ways away from walking. So she's still a baby.

So many fun things...

Several weeks ago, I was at the store in a narrow makeup aisle. The cart took up the whole space. Jocelyn was sitting in the cart. I was crouched on my haunches, picking out a lipstick color. I hear a little voice say, "oh-oh" and I saw a makeup pencil drop on the floor and roll under the cart. I look up and see that Joci has handfuls of makeup pencils since she could reach the shelves on both sides of the aisle. I had never heard her say "oh-oh" before. She says it all the time, especially when she drops things. So adorable.

We play this "game" where we sit on the floor and hold onto Joci's hands as she's standing up. Then we sing "Row, row, row your boat..." as we gently push and pull her and she rocks on her feet. The ladies at daycare do it to the kids and Jocelyn thinks it's hysterical. Last week I had just finished the song and I was still holding onto her hands and she started rocking herself back and forth and said "Row row row row" until I started the song and rocking over again. It is the cutest thing ever and at least three times a day I do this just so I can hear here sing "Row row row row."

She has totally mastered the sign "All Done" and has even started saying the word "done".

She is able to open drawers I think she's too short to get into. But she manages somehow. :)

Tonight we went to dinner with my SIL and her 4 week old baby girl, Paige. We showed Joci the sign for "baby" and she picked up on it right away and kept doing it.

Her dad taught her how to throw things. What a crazy mistake! She's throwing stuff all over now and thinks it's just great fun.

She sometimes says "dog."

She can point to my nose, teeth, ears, and eyes. We're working on lips and head.

She will pull up to the piano, pound on the keys and "sing" along.

Here are a bunch of pictures - most are recent, but some are a little bit older.

A favorite pastime

with Grandpa H.

A birthday present from Aunt Stephanie.


My sister Julie and her husband and kids gave us this orchid when Jocelyn was born. We kept it alive for an entire year and it bloomed again and it was glorious. Unfortunately it's shed its flowers now and will be dormant until next March.

At 9 months. She thought climbing into the toy box would be a really efficient way to play with toys.

But then she got really mad when the swing kept bopping her on the head and she was stuck.

She loves to get all up in my business as soon as the camera comes out. It can be hard to get a good picture of her. But you could argue that this is a good picture - look at those baby blues!

I went blonder two weeks ago. It brings out my green eyes!

Jocelyn got a nice little fever - up to 103.5. I stayed home with her for two days and had so much fun - seriously. That's not sarcasm. It really made me want to stay home with her every single day. *sigh*

She loves singing and dancing at her play table

She likes to help out. Here she is loading the dishwasher. First she loaded her sippy cup (it's blue right below the colander lid). Then she opened the cupboard and decided all the sandwich bags ought to be washed. And might as well wash the colander lid while at it.

She loves putting things away. I had just removed clothing she's outgrown from the top drawer and she had opened the bottom drawer and was shoving all the clothes back in her dresser.

She has a sweet tooth! I figure licorice isn't so bad since she doesn't really ingest it.

But it sure makes for a cute, messy face!


Mom on the Go said...

I love this age when you show them a sign and they just do it. It all starts with the balance- she'll be walking soon enough. Such cute pictures!

Jessica said...

What a cute girlie! I can't believe how fast she's growing! Love the story about the signs...what a smartie!

Shellie said...

Love the "oh oh" makes me miss kate when she was a baby :) I love when they first start talking.

blonde is super cute on you. Its fun getting lighter for the summer!

Liz Smith said...

she's so cute! i like the blonde on you too...perfect for summer!


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