Friday, May 14, 2010

And They Say Ignorance Is Bliss

I have been living in a delusion for the better part of today. 

It’s 2:30 p.m. I just got back from a trip to the ladies’ room where reality under fluorescent lights just won a major slap bet on me and took out her viscous retribution.

The well-thought-out outfit I was so proud of (a daring detour from my normal slacks and knit top) is not working the way I thought it was. The shoes are all wrong. The layers are not complimentary to each other. What I thought were sexy-Kate-Hudson-eque waves are just a matted mess of frizz. The expensive (well, at the grocery store) liquid black waterproof eyeliner I bought on impulse last night because my regular eyeliner fades by afternoon is still in place—yet it’s somehow invited my pale shimmery pink eye shadow down for a party, making my eyes look like they’ve been lined with glittery purple sweeps a transvestite would envy. It’s a mess. And then consider I’m under fluorescent lighting. It’s a mess times ten.

Thank goodness for cream to powder foundation and my secret lipstick stash. It’s the only thing saving me from myself at the moment.

Where is a rock I can hide under?

When is the clock going to strike 5:00?

When will I find the perfect eyeliner that will last at least the work day?


Frederick Family said...

I'm going to have "lash enhancing" tattoos done, then I won't have to mess with the eyeliner. Want to join me??

Jamie Boyd said...

I think you look fabulous... but are you admitting that there isn't some fabulous Sei Bella solution to this problem :)

Liz Smith said...

lol. you're so funny. i think you look great! and when did you go blonde? maybe im just not very observant. I get my eyeliner from avon....i love that it's bold and dark, but unfortunately, it also runs so i have to constantly be making sure i don't look like a raccoon. I hate liquid eyeliner cuz my hands are shaky and i can never get it on right. so i just deal with the runny eyeliner. :)


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