Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Milestone

Today - May 31st, 2010 - marks the ten year anniversary of Justin's baptism into the Church. It is an important date for him - and by default, me.

This is Justin's conversion story via me. I don't know all the details, but I'll do my best.

Justin's best friend growing up, Miles, was LDS and always impressed him. But Justin grew up in a very LDS town and hadn't really thought much about it. His great-grandmother had been baptized when she was 8, but did not remain an active member. Justin and Miles went off to college together. During Justin's second year, a friend in their academic program, a girl named Rikki, took the discussions and decided to be baptized. Justin attended that baptism and felt something that moved him - the Spirit.

He immediately asked the missionaries over to talk to him. He was familiar with the Church - he grew up around it, but this feeling of confirmation in his soul was entirely new and he knew he needed to act on it. At the end of the first discussion, the missionaries asked if Justin would consider being baptized. He didn't hesitate at all when he said, "Yes!"

So ten years ago today, Justin was baptized a member. We met four months later in September and were married the following June in the Idaho Falls Temple.

As someone who grew up in the Church, I never realized how much an advantage I have in knowledge. From primary lessons to Young Women's to seminary, I've had so much. Even after ten years, there are many things I am more familiar with than Justin. He's kind of been the rookie partner in religion in our marriage, but the gap is closing. :)

One great benefit of marrying a fresh convert is that I've been able to see so many wonderful experiences through new eyes. Like the first time we went to Temple Square. Or the first time we read about Abinadi dying in the Book of Mormon. It's been really wonderful. I am forever greatful to the exposure and learning I had as a youth. I am grateful for Justin's testimony and faith. I am grateful for our temple marriage. I am grateful to lofty principles that guide our lives and our marriage.

There really is too much to be grateful for.

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