Thursday, May 13, 2010

Caught with My Pants Down on Easter

Better late than never.

We spent Easter in Tucson with my sister Julie and her cutie family. We flew out of Salt Lake with a connection in Phoenix. Joci did okay on the plane rides. She was decent on the first flight, but by the second, she was really missing her afternoon nap. She was very wiggly and squirmy and it took all our energy to keep her entertained and prevent her from pulling the hair of the people in front of us. She zonked so hard in the car when Aaron picked us up, she actually stayed asleep when we moved her from her carseat to her bed. That has never happened before! She usually wakes so easily!

We arrived Friday night. One of my contacts broke that night. How frustrating. I am B L I N D. And while I had a pair of glasses with me, they just aren't the same. My eyes are used to contacts and being in my glasses all day gives me a headache. Last summer when I updated my prescription, I went to Walmart. So I thought I could find a Walmart in Tucson and maybe, possibly they would have access to the records and get me something temporary.

Before I go much further, let me just say that luck and stupidity both play equal roles in my life.

Moving on.

As luck would have it, I had my prescription with me. Odd. But nice! We went to Walmart. They didn't have anything that would work for me. Did I mention my eyes are very bizarre with a double astigmatism and carotokonis so my prescription is pretty wonky?

Then we drove across town to see if maybe Costco would have something. It took me a good deal of waiting, but they had something! And they gave it to me for free - and he gave me one for my other eye in case that one gave out too. Wow! Costco is awesome! Too bad we don't have one here.

So onto the fun.

Jocelyn, 11 months, and Audrey, 13 months

We went to Pima Air and Space Museum. Justin was in heaven. The planes were very cool and the kids had a good time too.

This is the type of plane Tom Cruise flew in Top Gun. I think it's called a TomCat (which is interesting considering he's now half of TomKat, he he).

Joci loved being with her cousins.

We ate dinner at an amazing Peruvian restaurant. Oh, it was to die for. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Seriously one of the best meals I have ever had the privilege of eating.

Easter Sunday dawned bright and clear. The Easter Bunny had come and left eggs everywhere. Camden, my 3 year old nephew, was tickled wake up with an Easter egg in his bed. What a sneaky bunny! Actually, the bunny had left an egg with all the kids. The bunny had quite the system with eggs. The shiny metallic eggs were for babies Joci and Audrey and contained puffed cereal and yogurt melts. The matte eggs were full of jelly beans and chocolate for Camden. Camden was so good about realizing who the egg belonged to. If it was a shiny egg, he knew it was for the babies, and he put it in their baskets, always remembering whose turn it was to receive the next egg. Whenever he spotted an egg, Camden exclaimed, "Wait a minute! There's an egg!" So funny. You'll have to check out the video on Julie's blog.

Easter loot including a new dress

After Easter fun we packed a lunch and went to Saguaro National Park. I wanted to see some classic cacti and this was just the place. It was a warm, warm day. I think it was in the nineties. All the shaded picnic tables were taken so we got one right in the sun. The babies weren't too happy about the heat and glaring sun. Camden enjoyed crawling around under the picnic table and feeding Joci who was confined to her car seat. Once he stood up, he realized he had cactus needles in his legs just from crawling through the dirt. Yuck.

The plan was to pack up lunch, get back in the cool minivan and then drive through the park a bit more and enjoy the scenery. As we were finishing lunch, Justin decided it would be fun to climb a rock and jump over a mount of cacti growing out of a crack in it. Well, he made it. Mostly. He got stuck with some needles in his legs - one was about 3 inches long. Yuck! We wanted some pictures, and as I was holding Joci to pose in front of a saguaro, she grabbed a cacti as we were passing it - thus getting a handful of needles. Luckily, they picked out pretty easily and all was well.

Notice the rock we're leaning against and the patch of cacti on the right. Justin climbed onto the rock and jumped over that cacti. He mostly made it. :)

the stately saguaro

We were finally all packed up and ready to go. I had Joci in her car seat and was carrying it with two hands in front of me. I couldn't see where I was stepping, and I walked into a cactus. I knew I had a few needles in me, but it seemed okay. Back down at the car though, I realized I had more than a few. We pulled out all we saw through my jeans, but it still didn't feel right. So I pulled down my jeans (people were guarding me from the view of the other tourists. An area just below my left knee the size of a fifty-cent piece was densely populated with needles. Fine, tiny needles. We pulled out what we could, but most of them were breaking in my leg.

With my pants around my ankles, I hobbled into the van and we decided to just go home. Back at the house, I again had to hobble out of the van with my jeans around my ankles, with my family trying to shield my hiney from view of the neighbors in their yards. We got a pair of tweezers and went to work. My skin was puffy and it felt like I'd rolled in fiberglass. We even used a bit of duct tape to try and remove some of the broken needles. Some cortisone cream worked wonders and a few hours later, I was back on my feet - with my pants on. :)

On Monday, Julie took us to Tombstone. We took a trolley tour and saw the town. We found a nice little restaurant for lunch. We window shopped a bit, and we concluded our journey with a visit to the Boothill Cemetery. It was fun to see the site of so many wild west legends.

Camden, 3, being loaded onto the trolley

Audrey, 13 months

Jocelyn, 11 months, and Camden, 3 years

the famous Bird Cage Theatre. We love the SyFy show Ghost Hunters and they had a pretty cool episode here.

a relative?

We went for an ice cream run that night and Justin pressured me into giving Joci her first taste of ice cream. I had really wanted to wait until she was 1 year for any desserts or sugars, but she was only 2 weeks shy, so I gave in. Although I don't think Grandpa Zierke will ever forgive us as he had been waiting patiently to give her ice cream.

Camden played with Joci a lot. He liked to make her laugh and make sure she had her binky and sippy cup and such. Joci picked a couple of things up from her cousin Audrey as well - she finally mastered using a sippy cup and she started to crawl the next week.  Oh, and on our way to Saguaro Park, Julie and Aaron were listening to island music in the car, and Joci started "dancing" to the music in her car seat for the first time. She was jamming to "Island Girls" and looked so cute in her sun romper and pig tails. She dances all the time now.

Julie and Audrey

Our flights back were pretty hairy. Joci had NO naps at all and it was like wrestling a pig to keep her contained in such as small area. Luckily on the longer flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake we ended up with an entire row to ourselves. She shredded a SkyMall magazine and spilled my full glass of Coke on my lap, but we survived. Right as the plane's wheels touched the tarmac in SLC, Joci fell asleep. She slept in my arms as we deplaned. As we trekked to the baggage claim and grabbed our suitcases. As we walked outside and waited for the bus to take us to the parking lot. As we walked across the lot to our car. And she slept for most of the 4 hour drive, only waking up about 40 minutes before we got home.

It was a fun trip. I love spending time with family, especially Julie because we have so much fun together and I don't get to see her very often because she lives so far away.

Thanks for having us!

P.S. A day after we got home, I found a spare contact lens in the tampon pocket of my purse. I'd had it with e the entire time.


Natalie said...

Wow, lots of excitement! Hahaha! That cactus sure sounds painful, WOW. If you're ever to be caught with your pants down, I'd say that's a pretty good excuse! And I can't believe how big Joci is getting, I think she's just about the same age as Kate then! She is absolutely adorable, and I swear, she looks just like you guys! Coincidence? I think not.

Liz Smith said...

ok, so much to comment on!

first off, ouch on the cactus!! i admit when i read that, i thought it sounded like it came out of a looney tunes cartoon. :P sorry, it probably was everything but funny. at first i thought the title of your blog post was

second, you guys don't have costco?!?!?!?! im in shock. i love that place.

third, did you know im half peruvian...from my dad... so I grew up eating peruvian food...sooo goood!!! My mom is an AMAZING cook. She learned how to make it for my dad. Im curious what you ate for dinner now. this post makes me want hunt for a peruvian restaurant...i wonder if there's one around here.

anyways, so glad you had a great trip! oh, and i am B L I N D too!!! i wear hard lenses though and they have to be ordered so if i ever lose one it would be bad. and my glasses don't even work anymore, i can barely see the tv. maybe i will make an appointment with the optometrist after im done looking up peruvian restaurants. :P

Ashley said...

I'm a huge fan of Ghost Adventurers. Mostly because the guy on the Soup summed them up really well; "Scooby Dou**e and the gang."

Love it.


Loved hearing this story! Or so many stories all rolled into one. About the cactus -YIKES!!! Glad you had people to help shield your bum. And about Joci sleeping so much after not sleeping at all on the flight - doesn't it just figure - you know she did all of that on purpose!


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