Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Be Rude - And Get Away with It!

Oh, if only we could say what is really going through our minds. It can be hard to bite our tongues, to filter what we want to say with what we should say. But it's rude to be rude. Why? Because feelings get hurt. And people think you're bad if you hurt other people's feelings.

But there's a way around that. There are three magical phrases that let you get away with saying anything. Anything. Well, maybe not derogatory terms or nasty swears, but they definitely let you get away with saying anything rude, harsh, or uncomfortably direct. They let you say whatever you want while relieving you of accountability - meaning you can't hurt people's feelings! You can't be judged as being a bad, horrible person.

Without further ado, here are the three phrases and how to use them.

With All Due Respect
When to use it: Best reserved for business meetings or heated discussions with someone who is generally considered your superior.

Example: "With all due respect, introducing this product will lose us more money than it will ever make."

Just Sayin' 
When to use it: The most flexible of the phrases, it magically gets you off the hook for anything rude you just said. It's makes it seem like you don't agree with the words that just came out of your mouth - it's just some kind of truth that can't be argued with whether you like it or not.

Example: "Judy's butt looks huge in those fuchsia jeans. Just sayin'." Or "You act more and more like your mother every day. Just sayin'."

WARNING: Just hearing the words "with all due respect" can make some people ready to disagree with whatever you are going to say before you even say it. Not to worry. Just don't back down from your point. Always acknowledge the other person's opinion, then sweep it away with your logic.

Bless Her/His Heart
When to use it: Works best when insulting a friend or relative in a round about way. It disguises your comment as true concern.  You cannot use this when talking about a stranger, because you're relationship is not intimate enough. When insulting a stranger, use Just Sayin'.

Example: "No matter what she does, her cakes are always dry as a bone, bless her heart." Or "Bless her heart, Marie's still trying to pull off skinny jeans."


Jill Elizabeth said...

You forgot my favorite: "No offense."

Popular among the kiddies. You can be as rude, nasty and insulting as you'd like if you begin or end with the phrase "no offense."

Liz Smith said...

lol. i am a major user of the "im just sayin'" or "bless her heart" phrases. although, ive also had tons of rude moments. it's common side effect that comes from being raised in a blunt and brutally honest family. :P


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