Sunday, May 30, 2010

Journal Jar: Childhood Room

Describe your room as a child. Did you have your own room or have to share it with a sibling? Tell some experiences.

I had lots of rooms as a child. I remember being very young and sharing a room with my brother Jordan. We slept in bunk beds. I remember helping peel wallpaper off the walls in that room.

Then I shared a room with my sister Julie. We shared a double bed. Mom bought a really lovely pink floral bedspread with a ruffle around the bottom for our bed. I think maybe Julie had asked for a bedspread for her birthday. My mother painted a stencil border mid-way up the wall. Country blue kittens with mauve bows around their necks. It took her a lot of time.

We shared a room for several years and we had our ups and downs. There were times when there was a proverbial line down the middle of the bed and the middle of the room to keep each other away from our stuff. Apparently, I kicked a lot when I slept.

But we also had fun. We made up a silly code to help us sleep. Once we said, "Goodnight" we weren't allowed to talk to each other anymore so we could sleep and we couldn't speak until the next morning. Well, that didn't always work - there was plenty to say. So in order to break the code of silence, we'd have to say, "Good morning," as if it were morning. Then we could say what we needed, but then we'd need to close the conversation with two goodnights. We still joke about it and say, "Good morning, goodnight, goodnight."

After a while, Julie decided I was too messy and annoying of a roommate and she moved in with my sister Stephanie and I got to have my own room. I got a small room with spring green carpet and wallpaper with little girls on it. It was lonely at first, but I liked having my own space and being as messy as I wanted.

After my brother Jordan moved out of the house, we needed to re-do the room he'd been in. It was the same room I'd shared with Julie. Jordan  had taken some liberties and drawn and painted on the walls. My parents decided it would be a good family project to re-do the room and that it would be my room. We picked out a daybed and a nice mattress and a beautiful bedspread set. I remember picking these things out in a store in Salt Lake. We picked out nice things and I actually got to have a say in it all. I was 12. I felt so respected for the first time - my opinions mattered! And we got good quality stuff too. Sometimes it seemed like we always got the least expensive things that would do the job as needed, but this time it felt a little frivolous. I remember the bedspread set being expensive and at first my mom said no. Then she changed her mind (maybe the salesmen made a deal, I don't know). The mattress was really posh and the bed was beautiful - beautiful scrolling iron painted off-white. My mother and I picked out the wallpaper and paint together. I was so excited.

The room turned out beautifully. The walls were the palest pink paint. A wallpaper border with a burgundy background featuring pale pink peonies adorned the top of the wall, and the midpoint of the wall and from the second border on down was a white wallpaper with small delicate blue and pink flowers. Floor-length lace curtains adorned the window. The room was fit for a princess. That was my room until my parents sold that house when I was 21.

The window was right at the front of our home and my friends would tap on my window to get me to come out and play. The moon would shine through the window right on my bed and I loved it. I loved that room. So girly and elegant.

I know I have some pictures of this room somewhere. I need to find them and scan them in. Actually not a bad idea for all my old prints. :) I was so resistent to going to digital photos and now I wish everything were digital.


Alicia said...

I'm amazed at your descriptions. I don't remember that much about my old rooms...but I do have a memory of that room you had in the front of the house. You had (at one time...probably not when we were 16) a drawer in your dresser full of My Little Ponies. I never had any of my own and I remember being very envious of your stash. Good times and good memories!

Hays Family said...

What great descriptions of your rooms. Reading about them brings back so many memories. We did do a lot of room trading for you didn't we? I remember the night before your wedding we had much company we needed beds for but you insisted you had to sleep in your own room (with not one relative to share the trundle bed) that last night of your single life. It all worked out.


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