Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I had a fun Mother's Day today. I jumped out of bed ready to go to church. No more avoiding this day. One of the speakers today is an adoptive father, so it brought a nice angle that was really personal for Justin and me.

A couple weeks ago, we went to the annual gem show in town and I fell in love with a blue topaz ring. He bought it for me then (I knew about it) but I couldn't have it until today. He gave it to me in a tiny, adorable gift bag. It was in the bottom of the bag with a blue ribbon tying it to an adorable poem Justin wrote:

This ring is very shiny,
But not as shiny as the sun.
And when compared to them,
You're the shiniest one.
I hope Mother's Day is
Special and you love it a ton.
You're the greatest Mom
And I'm not shining you on.

And now he's taken to calling me a yellow dwarf, a.k.a., the sun. :)

I also got a card scribbled on by Jocelyn. Can you see the ring in the photo? It's a beautiful blue topaz. Legend tells that blue topaz works with one's creative engergies and it brings good fortune. Perfect!

Oh, and I got my zinnia at church. :)
I am especially thoughtful of my mother today. I scoured my childhood scrapbooks and found a big problem - I have no pictures of just my mother and me. This photo is from 1984 and all of us girls are showing off our Easter dresses that my mother made.

Julie, my mother, me, and Stephanie, 1984

I can't imagine a better mother. She everything that a mother should be. Glamorous, nurturuing, fun, an excellent cook, a fabulous seamstress, a great listener, and more. Can't name it all, seriously.

A fun memory...

I remember when she made my preschool graduation dress. It was floor, length, powder blue, and beautiful. She finished it the evening before I was to wear it. However, when I saw it, I was upset. The picture of the dress on the pattern cover showed the dress with little rosette details on the arms and on the skirt. My mom had used little satin bows instead. And I was mad. I threw a fit. Never mind that she had just made me the most beautiful dress of my existence. Nevermind that she had slaved over a sewing machine for days and days. I cried and threw a fit. And the next thing I remember was when I got dressed the next morning, the dress had rosettes on it. She had stayed up all night add the details that an ungrateful five year old wanted. Thanks, Mom. I don't deserve you.

May 2009

Another special mother in my life is my mother-in-law. I have so much respect for her. Every day I am grateful for who she is because of the man she raised - my sweet, thoughtful husband. Connie just has this exuberant energy about her. I don't dare reveal her real age, but after spending a weekend with her playing Guitar Hero and seeing her sparkling eyes, youthful smile, and bouncy bob, you'd never believe she was old enough to be Justin's mom. She's just one of the girls! One of my favorite memories of her was last Thanksgiving. We were in Wyoming for the holiday, and Justin's brother was driving up and ended up having car trouble. Justin and his dad had to take off to go rescue them in Montana, so my mother-in-law had the day to ourselves. We made pies together, went to lunch together, and went shopping. It was a lot of fun to have her all to myself. I hope we have a lot more moments like that in the future. Love you, mom!

My "other" parents. :) October 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all!


Liz Smith said...

i love your ring! how fun! Im so glad you had a great mothers day. I loved your preschool dress story. Aren't moms the best? They put up with so much because they love unconditionally. It's amazing. :)

Kelsey said...

Yay for mothers! I love your story, and Reading some of your blogs I have learned a lot of things about you that I didn't know before-Which I enjoy because we are family! P.s. I swear my favorite dress-up dress growing up looked IDENTICAL to those easter dresses. I wonder if it was a hand-me-down ....


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