Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why I Try Not to Complain About Snow in May

It ain't easy to keep my trap shut about the snow that fell last week. Frankly, I'm not that happy about it. Two weeks ago I got a sunburn eating lunch outside in the courtyard. And last week we had snow that lasted almost a whole day. I had to break out my winter coat again (which incidentally now has baby lasagna on it).

Sometimes I dream about living somewhere warmer. I love the four seasons (except in SE Idaho we only get two and a half because spring doesn't exist and fall lasts two weeks). But somewhere a little more temperate would be nice.

But then I look around and I think I've got it figured out. There is always some cosmic price.

In SE Idaho, it's snow in May (and occassionally July).

In California, it's earthquakes and fires.

In Tennessee, it's floods.

In Arizona, it's earthquakes and fatal heatwaves.

On the eastern coast, it's massive blizzards.

In the gulf states, it's hurricanes.

In the middle states, it's tornadoes.

In the central states, it's the flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.
In the Pacific northwest, it's volcanoes.

In Hawaii, it's tsunamis.

I could go on and on. And this is only in the United States. So I'll take long winters any day over what the rest of the country has to deal with. Of course, when the volcano under Yellowstone decides to go, I may be singing a different tune. Actually, there won't be any time for me to even sing a tune when it blows. It will be swift and painless. So, I'm still okay living here. :)

So to all of you non-Idahoans, please enjoy your springtime. But also enjoy your natural disasters along with it.

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