Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bizarre-O Month

Sorry that I've kind of been MIA. June has brought a lot of surprises with it and time has just vanished. I promise to post pictures and have better stories later.

We drove to Wyoming the day after Justin's grandmother died. That day also happened to be our 9th anniversary. So we celebrated it in Yellowstone. Actually, I was thrilled to discover the "restoration" of one of my all time favorite ice cream joints - the Arrowleaf in West Yellowstone, Montana. Joci traveled well. We saw elk and a couple herds of buffalo. A brand new buffalo that could barely walk was toddling along the shoulder of the road. The mother was protectively standing between the baby and traffic and snorting at the passing cars. The baby toddled right in front of our car and hung out there for a few minutes while mom stared us down. We also had to break for big horn sheep dancing across Sylvan Pass. I go through Yellowstone yearly and see this kind of cool stuff almost every time, but it never gets old! I love those experiences!

We stayed with Justin's parents for 5 days. It was a really, really great visit. There was a lot of sorrow and grieving but also reminiscing and healing. Justin's parents took us out a couple nights later for our anniversary, and we ate dinner at The Irma - the hotel Buffalo Bill Cody built for his daughter. I also read up on the history of Buffalo Bill. He's really a cool guy.

I don't remember too many animals on our drive home.

Back to work for three days. Then the next Thursday we made the drive back to Cody for the memorial service. We hit snow in Island Park (about 60 miles north of where I live) and drove through snow and crummy weather through most of the park. No snow on the roads, just falling snow and snow covered trees. It was very pretty, but odd. We didn't see many animals. Lots of fishermen though. We did see a baby grizzly near Old Faithful geyser.

The memorial was beautiful and healing. It was so good to be with family at a time like this. There's a reason why family rallies together.

Two other events worth noting: Joci had her first ride on a four wheeler and her first ride on a horse. She did great with both.

We drove back home on Father's Day. We saw two bald eagles, elk, buffalo, and squirrels. We stopped at a couple of places to get Joci out of the car. At a peaceful, accessible section of the Firehole River, we dipped her feet in the warm water. (The Firehole River has geysers and fissures that warm it. It is "warm" compared to other glacial fed rivers at 7,000 feet - but still pretty cold in my estimation!) A fisherman thought he'd be helpful by telling us to wash our baby off because the river would give her arsenic poisoning due to all the crap coming out from the center of the earth through the geysers. I've swam in this river for years...maybe that's what's wrong with me. :P

I came home to a jury summons. So yesterday I went to court. I knew in my gut I was going to be on the jury. And  yes, I am on the jury. I should be back to work on Friday. But I did slip in after court yesterday to talk to my boss. I asked him if he got the memo that I wasn't going to work for him for the month of June.  Luckily, my busy time ended right before Grandma died and I've done a few projects at home to keep up.

In a couple days when I can talk about the trial, I will do so. I have a few insights I want to share.

And I'll get pictures of my adventures up soon.

Oh, and Jake and Vienna broke up today. Is it too late for him to call Tenley?

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Frederick Family said...

You've been so busy. Can't wait to see you next week. Who are Jake and Vienna??


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