Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joci's First Steps

Joci took her first steps!!!!

She's been so ready for so long, just timid. I've known for *months* that she could walk if she wanted, she just needed to be ready. So tonight I stood her up about a foot away from me and at first she just leaned and fell into my arms. We did that a couple times and then she took a step! It wasn't very steady and she was still leaning really far forward, so it wasn't a very supported step, but I was excited. I stood her up a few more times and she got steadier and steadier. After she took two steady steps, I thought I could officially call it. She took her first steps!

I called Justin. He had been working late and should've been home any time. He was still 20 minutes out, so I kept Joci up past her bed time so he could see it. And it wasn't just a fluke because she did it when he got home. She took steps back and forth between us, even doing three steps at a time. Already she is even more confident about standing. Oh, it's crazy. I can't believe how excited and proud I am! It's such a natural, biological milestone, it's not like my baby is doing this amazing thing other kids don't do. But I felt so euphoric and just...I'm soaring. And I can tell she is too. (Maybe it's because she's a little later on walking than I expected - and I'm a worrier.)

We'll try for pictures within the next day or so.


Liz Smith said...

yay Joci!! i think it's awesome you're so excited...that's how it should be. i think i'd be worried if you weren't. :) way to be a proud mama. :D

Cindy said...

Way to go Joci!! Can't wait tell we see it!!.

Beckie said...

Hoooray Hooray !!! now watch out world!

Jill Elizabeth said...

Hooray for Joci! She'll be tearing around the house before you know it.
Plenty of kids take their time walking. I know a little girl who didn't walk until she was 17 months old and there's nothing wrong with that.
Joci is clearly a baby genius in many other ways. I'm sure she was too busy with other important things to bother with walking :o)


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