Monday, June 14, 2010

Open Adoption Writing Prompt

I am part of Open Adoption Bloggers and every now and then there is a prompt to write about. I liked this one and so I thought I'd take a shot at it.

Imagine your child as an adult describing their open adoption experience. What do you hope they will be able to say about you? How did you view their birth parents? In what ways did you support their relationship with them?

I hope that in twenty years Jocelyn be able to say this about me:

"My mom has always been honest, open, and compassionate when talking about my adoption. She honestly loves my birth parents and birth siblings. She has an actual relationship with my birth parents independent of my relationship with them. She made sure I always had an open channel to my biological family. I grew up with phone calls, visits, emails, and as much intermingling as I wanted. My mom let me determine the kind of relationship I wanted. When I had more questions and wanted to spend more time with my birth family, my mother made sure it happened. When I wanted to pull back, that was okay too. She has always been comfortable and confident about adoption and she's always been really cool and supportive about my birth family."

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