Friday, June 4, 2010

Whatcha Wearin'?

When I first read this article saying that the average woman wears over $1400 in clothes a day, I did not believe it. There's no way I'm wearing over a grand! I'm cheap! Whenever I read fashion magazines and they say what a good deal a $130 blouse is, I flinch. I'm an Idaho girl. I value quality, but I'm also pretty frugal.

But breaking down my daily wardrobe, I guess the $1400 is fairly close.

This is what am wearing today:

$6 underwear
$12 bra
$4 socks
$30 pants
$8 tee shirt
$17 cardigan
$40 coat
$60 purse
$30 shoes
$200 watch
$1000-$6000 in jewelry depending on which rings I wear.
Total: $1207 - $7207

Obviously, the bulk of the expense is in jewelry. I have two very lovely diamond rings. I wear at least one of them every day. They will be the rings I wear for my entire life. So they will always be the thing that pushes my daily outfit into that staggering figure.

When I look at the figures provided, my clothing average is less. I've never owned a $150 hand bag. But that's not to say I never will. I've learned that $15 purses don't last six months, and if an $150 purse would last several years, that would be worth it. I'm not totally cheap. :) Just usually : P

So how much are you wearing today?

P.S. Before you think my taste in gold and diamonds is disgustingly extravagant, I must say that I obtained all my jewelry with the exception of my enagagement and wedding rings when I worked at a jewelry store during college and got everything for at least half price. I quoted their retail value above, but I didn't pay that much.


kelley said...

I can't believe how much women spend on clothes!!

Today, I'm still in pajamas so let's count yesterday. Not including jewelry, $136. And that was my outfit to a wedding which included strappy heels and a new dress. Whenever husband frowns at a new clothing purchase, I remind him how thankful he should be that I'm a frugal clothes shopper. It could be much, much worse. :)

Jill Elizabeth said...

I'm wearing about $180 at the moment. The biggest expense is my jeans, which were $60, with my brassiere a close second at $45.

At least my shirt, at €6, was cheap.

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

WOW!! Thats unreal! I am very cheap then..maybe even white trash compared to that price! LOL

Groff Family said...

Wow! I probably only ever have about $30 in clothes on....and that's a generous estimate! Hmmm, but I never thought to include the bra and diamond ring. I don't know what Aaron spent on my ring, so I will leave that out of the equation and keep it to clothes. My jeans were free, my shirt was $3, my camisole was probably $7, and my underwear was maybe another $7? I am cheap to the max, and proud of it!!


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