Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Jocelyn Time

My mother sometimes tells stories about how she'd keep me home from kindergarten just to have me to herself. I was the baby, and maybe it was hard to let go.

I don't remember those days, but I imagine them and how special they must have been for both of us.

Tonight, I just wanted to play with my almost-no-longer-a-baby baby. Justin worked late so it was just the two of us.We went to the store and I bought her an adorable watermelon dress. We ate McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries without a vegetable in sight. We sat together and watched two entire episodes of Super Why. We played with her toys. Walked around outside until she sat in the gutter. I kept her up an hour past her bedtime to just be together and play. But as my mother taught me, sometimes it's okay to "break the rules" a bit and make a special memory.

I love being a mom.


Jamie Boyd said...


Beckie said...

Perfect!!! Gotta enjoy them --while they will let you!

Groff Family said...

You were so spoiled. Glad you get to spoil Joci too.

Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

aww!! I love this!!! :) Sierra get's one "personal" day a 9 weeks and we call that our momma/daughter skip day!! We head out for mani's/pedi's lunch and then a movie or something!!! She looks so forward to these days and so do I!! I feel like her teachers see her more then I do during the school year!

Liz Smith said...

this is so sweet. :) you are such a great mom. :)

Melissa said...

Nothing wrong with special bonding time!

I am so frustrated with my blog! I have tried to change the background and it is still coming up blank. I did a cutestblog background and then a hotbliggetyblog one and it still is blank. What do I do???


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