Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finally Feelin' Fall

This past weekend, I put Jocelyn down to bed at 8:00 like normal, then went out to mow the yard. Within thirty minutes I had to quit because it was too dark.

And then I realized...

Summer's almost over.

The next day the air was chilly and the skies were grey. That night, it was too cold to sleep with our windows open like we usually do.

I was really starting to get bummed.

But then I remembered all the great autumnal things right around the corner.

The state fair

ginormous smoked turkey legs

The return of my television favs.

Corn mazes
Justin and Joci, Cindy and Afton, and me

Sweaters that hide my fat rolls better than summer tee shirts

My birthday

Melaleuca Halloween

I love autumn. I really, really do. I love the way the sunshine is always slanted because of the way the earth rotates. Everything looks amber-gold all the time. I love the nip in the air. The crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Long drives to see fall colors. And a sky that is bluer than any season of the year.

Okay. I'm officially on board now. Come on, fall, I'm ready for ya!


Vanessa said...

YAY for FALL!!! YAY for our birthdays!!!!!

Jessica said...

Mmmm! Me too! Bring it on!

I will say, the one thing I can almost appreciate about Utah is the fall season; it seems to last longer here. However, there is a crispness in Idaho's air just can't be beat!

Groff Family said...

Okay, I love fall more than anyone, and believe me, I am ready for it given the weather here, but haven't you guys only been warm there for like three weeks? I don't think I'd be loving it at this point if I were still there!

Beckie said...

Sorry I can't agree- boo for summer being over--I hate winter--and basically that's what summer being done means-- winter is here for 9 more months! Uhg!


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