Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking for Comfortable Masochism

Next week, I go to my company's annual convention where I will be required to work 12-18 hour days in corporate dress. In other words, I will be cussing out my heels before the first day is halfway out.

So my question is this...are there any comfortable high heels?

I've had some more comfortable than others, but as girly as I am, I am not very shoe savvy. I'm kind of a Payless kind of girl. And I know I could gravitate to flats, but I need heels. I'm short. I just bought some new pencil skirts and you can't wear those with flats. I've gotta have at least a little heel. Something sexy, but secure and cushy.


I know good shoes are worth their weight in gold, but I can't afford that much. :)  I'm looking for something under $70. Any recommendations? I've heard about Easy Spirit (more my price range) and Dansko (maybe if they're on sale).


Groff Family said...

I have a good friend who loves Echos (maybe Ecco's?) Not sure if they come in heels, but I think they do.

Jamie Boyd said...

I'm a big fan of Naturalizers. They are always really comfy. I've had several pairs and have always loved them. They aren't super cheap but their website has some clearance right now. Here's the link for the sale stuff And here's the link to the ones that I would order if I were shoe shopping right now. They're cute, they would go with lots of different things, but I can tell by looking at them that they are similar to a pair I used to have and they are surprisingly comfortable.

Jamie Boyd said...

I also just noticed there is a thing on the website where you can join their "club" and give them your email address and get $10 off. I didn't read all the details, but they are seriously great shoes.

Anonymous said...

You'd be better off spending a little more for comfort and they last forever too. It took me awhile to learn that little secret but it is true. Make sure you try them on and walk around the store for at least five minutes - you will be able to tell if you will be able to stand them for a whole long day. I'm not sure there are any highheels that is true highheels that are comfortable. They look nice and actually make your legs look slimmer not that you have that problem but not all that comfortable. Not much help here.

Frederick Family said...

Naturalizers are good. I love my bear traps, but I don't think they come in fancy heals. Go to a good shoe store--not payless--and ask the sales people they will know what brands are the most comfy. Good Luck!!

Ashley said...

i love the dr. scholls gel inserts for heels.

and i agree with spending some money on a decent pair.

gonna do it myself here soon since i have to stand for an hour and present a lesson each week now.

p.s. go for mules; still have a bit of a heel but won't kill your feet

Jessica said...

Oh the shoe dilemma! Pretty sure I contemplated this before every convention. I would agree with the common notion that the more cash you put down, the better shoe you get. I did find a few comfortable pairs of heels (for $80+). But no matter how comfortable the shoe, you'll still want to cut off your feet on Saturday afternoon.

Jamie Boyd said...

I definately agree with Jessica about what happens by Saturday afternoon. My all time favorite Melaleuca convention quote is still when Kelly Taylor said, "My legs are like bloody stumps." So disgustingling descriptive, and yet perfectly accurate.

Groff Family said...

I agree with all the comments that the more you pay, the better show you will get. But honestly, why do it to yourself? Who cares if you are a little on the short side? BE COMFORTABLE!! Don't buy fancy white napkins and don't wear heels to an all day convention. :)


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