Friday, August 6, 2010

My New Shoes

Went to the mall.

First stop was Naturalizer. I felt so out of place. I was the only person under 60. The sales lady helping me had to be in her 80's. I felt so bad whenever she bent down to put a shoe on my foot - and she insisted she do it herself! I found a pair of SAS shoes there which were well over $100 and on sale for $85 (these sandals in black). But I decided to keep looking.

At Dillards I discovered a few other comfy brands: Born was comfy but styles were a little too casual; Clarks had some options; Eccos were too rugged and mountainy looking; Nurture had a lot of promise - and a good sale to boot! (nice pun, haha) - but were out of my size in the color I needed (shown here).

Moving on to Macy's.

I slipped on a pair of Hush Puppies and thought I was walking on star dust. That comfy. They were probably the only shoe in the store not on sale. And the styling was a little...not me. I walked around in them for ten minutes. I texted my friends. They tried to give me advice. I took a picture and sent that to them too. Technology is so awesome! It was like having Tisa and Jamie with me. They convinced me the shoes weren't as ugly and grandma-y as I thought and I bought them.

And they are still just so heavenly.

Here they are. I'm still trying to convince myself that they are cute, so if you can't say something know the drill. :)


Haylee said...

I love them! They look stylish and COMFORTABLE, which, let's be honest, is almost more important than style somedays.

dust and kam said...

I actually love them and considering buying me a pair! I need a comfy pair of shoe that look nice!

Jamie Boyd said...

I have to say that the cell phone picture was a little inaccurate. They look way different on here. But I still like them :) They will be perfect for convention. And I loved shoe shopping with you from so far away. Next time you need a pair you should just hop on a plane and we can look for something here in Seattle.

Melissa Giles said...

I like them too!! They def.(I'm just not going to try spelling that word anymore... I always get it wrong) look comfy & very cute... I would wear them!

Jessica said...

Oh I like them! A good dressiness level for convention...and if they are comfy...well that's a HUGE bonus! Just be sure to wear them a lot before shoes, no matter how comfy are not comfy after 12 hours.

Liz Smith said...'re so funny! it is sooo hard to find comfy shoes that are cute. i think you made a good choice. :)

Ashley said...

I may have to get a pair.

Groff Family said...

Those are way cute! If you don't think so, then now I know how you really feel about most of my wardrobe, huh? I totally forgot about Clark's, those are awesome too.


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