Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joci and the Ziploc Bags

I am probably going to jinx myself by typing this. I'll risk it. My kid is so freakin' cool.

There is this cupboard in the kitchen that Jocelyn loves to get into. It houses tupperware and other harmless things. But it also contains Ziploc bags. Joci loves to get them out and remove every single bag. A lot of times I just let her do what she wants with these bags because she can only mangle and step on the exterior of the bags and any food or storage items are in contact with only the inside of the bags. But it can be an awfully big, annoying mess. So everytime she gets into the cupboard now, I take the boxes of bags away and put them up.

She got into the cupboard while I was preparing dinner just now. I told her, "Jocelyn, don't get into the bags. Just play with the collander or something." Guess what? She pulled out the collander! (I'm sure it's totally coincidental, but I'm gonna pretend she's an obedient genius.) Within the next couple of seconds, I removed the box of Ziploc bags from the cupboard so she wouldn't make a mess. Well, apparently some had fallen out while I was pulling the box out. Joci fished out each bag - one at a time - and handed them to me so I could put up the loose baggies too. How cool is that?

Then, when she was done playing with the collander, she actually put it back in the cupboard and shut the door! My jaw fell on the floor. It's the first time she's played in the kitchen that I haven't had a lovely mess to clean up afterwards.


Beckie said...

OOh that is amazing-- gotta brag up the wonderful things kiddos do!! She is just too cute!

Hays Family said...

She understands you and is very obedient. I have the smartest grandchildren don't I?


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