Monday, September 20, 2010

Joci's New Words

Just wanted to draw your attention to a page at the top, under the banner that says "Vocab." That shows a growing list of Joci's words. She surprises us with new things all the time. Lately, we've watched a lot of the "Signing Time" (or "Leah," as Joci calls it) that has colors, fruits, vegetables, and movements. She loves to go through all the signs, unprompted. We haven't worked too much with her on a lot of these words, so it impresses me when she says them.

And just for fun, here are some recent pictures.

Sneaking Dad's Crunch Berries

Playing the piano with friend Sophia.

Mmmm...Rockstar in the morning.

Aung Jennifer and Cousin Haiden at the park

Swinging at the park

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