Thursday, September 23, 2010

Open Adoption Writing Prompt

I am a member of Open Adoption Bloggers. Occassionally, members are assigned writing prompts to explore our experience. Here is the lastest prompt:

"Open adoption is about information sharing." Share your reaction to that statement. How well does it match up with your experience of open adoption? If you disagree, how would you finish the phrase, "Open adoption is about..."?
I can't disagree that open adoption is about information sharing. It is on a very basic level, but I think it is so so much more. To me, Wikipedia is about information sharing. I think it is about building relationships. Because when we you share information with other humans, that just happens. I think of my bloggy friends. People I've never met in the flesh but I still feel as strong as friendship with. Because I read what they write and they read what I write. You can't help but develop caring feelings.

I guess to me, open adoption is about opening a door. There is a chance no one will ever use that door. Or maybe it will get overused. Or shut later by someone else. But all I know is it's not my place to close it. So I open it wide and support my child in her curiosity and desire to discover it herself.

1 comment:

Liz Smith said...

i'm so happy we are bloggy friends! i also feel like i know you and consider you a good friend. :D someday we will actually hang out. I believe! :P


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