Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Activities

Here are some of the things we have been up to. {Lots and lots of pictures!}

Justin and his cousin, Louis in Cody, WY. Jocelyn meeting her second cousin Rhett. He's six months old.

Playing - usually nicely - with Cousin Haiden.

Uncle Jon, Daddy, and Joci after we hiked a mountain near Cody.

We took a few fun detours in Yellowstone on our drive home.
This is the Dragon's Mouth Geyser that Justin has great memories of from his childhood.

A buffalo crossed a boardwalk full of people just to get a drink.

a waterfall


Aunt Cindy and Cousin Paige at a baseball game.

Cousin Afton ate a hotdog while Joci ate a crayon

Lara with Paige and Justin with Joci

We went to Lava Hot Springs (one of my favorite places!) with my brother and sister and their families.
This float was awesome. No need to worry about holding a squirming toddler trying to dive head first into the pool and the other cousins could just push her around, which they loved!

Stephanie holding Paige and Jeff in the back.
Justin, Joci, and Ellie.
Jessica and Afton in the front.

Afton on a kid slide

Ellie on the kid slide

Group dinner at Lava

Joci LOVES spaghetti. Double-fists it. Too bad it's so messy. I've just learned that when eating out with a toddler, you double the tip! :)

And we went to the fair this past Saturday. Here Joci is looking at turkeys that outweighed her by at least 100 % (seriously, they had to be genetically mutated - they were HUGE!)

Petting the lambs

She loved the miniature horses. I wanted to just plop her on it and take her for a ride.

Eating corn shaved right off the cob. (She wouldn't eat scones - this kid has a serious thing against sweets. I don't get it. At all. All I can say is, more for me!)

She's started to play pretend lately. She kept trying to put a diaper on this koala bear so I helped her. I got her some dishes so she could pretend feed it. She also likes to wrap it in blankets and rock it.

She will spend lots of time and concentration wrapping and rewrapping her "baby."

Being silly with a shirt on her head.


Jill Elizabeth said...

Joci playing pretend = adorable!

And I totally would have set her on one of the tiny horses just for a picture :)

Jessica said...

How did she get so big?! She has grown up so fast! Sounds like you guys have had a fabulous summer! Yay!

Alicia said...

As for eating out with a toddler, I personally think the people AFTER you should tip twice as much because they are pretty much guaranteed to have a fully wiped down table.

Hays Family said...

Love all those cute pictures. How fun for all of you. We miss you and Joci and Paige are getting so big. In fact Paige looks downright chubby but sooo cute. Love, MOM

Cory and Becca said...

hey Lara, your baby girl is adorable!!! I followed you during your 'pre-adoption' phase and somehow lost touch & just found you again..a late congrats again on your angel!

Beckie said...

OOh how much fun--- gotta love the summer time with kids!

Meagan said...

Wow her hair has gotten dark! Looks like you'll need to go dark again to match! :) She is such a cutie. It looks like ya'll have been having a good time.


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