Monday, September 27, 2010

Walking by the Money Tree

How many times have I walked by a tree full of money?

I wouldn't know.

Amy, the lady who put the money tree together, sure seems disappointed that more people failed to enjoy her free gift to them.

I think of my Father in Heaven and all the money trees He has planted along my path every day. I know they are there because I have seen a couple, sometimes enjoying them, sometimes feeling like the money is not really meant for me. I have a feeling there are many, many more money trees on my path, but I'm too involved in my own little self to take advantage of the richness and blessings He wants me to have. What a shame. I'm sure He is disappointed, just like Amy.

Starting now, I'm gonna look for money trees.


Katherine said...

Thank you. I will look for money trees in my path now too.

Jessica said...

That's incredible! Time to remember to look and be grateful!

Ashley said...

Wow I loved that. I loved the people calling others and telling them, the ones who would stand off to the side and point but people still wouldn't reach up and just take the gift.


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