Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're Believin'!

Are you a Gleek? I am. This song is awesome. Even if you're not a Gleek, watch the first 30 seconds or so. The rest of the post won't make sense without it.

We sing the Glee songs at home. Justin even got the books of music and plays them on the piano. Joci's favorite song is the one above - "Don't Stop Believin'." It is affectionately known as the "da da" song in our home. Because in the Glee version, they sing "da da da" at the beginning during the instrumental part.

And because Joci sings to it too. She sings on beat (pretty much). Whenever Justin plays this song, she comes running and wants to sit up on the piano bench and play and sing along. When Justin moves on to a different song, she gets mad, grabs his hands and sings "da da da" until he starts playing the Journey song again.

Since tonight is the big Glee Season 2 Premiere, I wanted to whet your whistle with this.

Not even 18 months and already a Gleek. And also a fish-eater.

(you can't really hear her because the music is too loud, but you can see her singing!)


Jamie Boyd said...

I watched the Glee video. I got goosebumps and realized how excited I really am for tonight. Then Finn stepped up to sing and my heart skipped a little beat. I forgot how much I kind of love that boy!

The Joci video was also adorable. You should audition her for the show.

The Gotch Family said...

First of all, the best song ever written. Secondly, I am so excited for Glee to start again. Also, I am not surprised when I learned that Jamie likes it as much as us.

Beckie said...

that is to cute!! I am not a Gleek-never watched the show- sorry!!

Frederick Family said...

Joci is so cute singing her "Da da da's".

Jennie Smith said...

I'm a total Gleek! Loved the premiere & Joci's singing! Super cute!

Just Us said...

So cute! I don't watch Glee, but you can't beat a toddler singing to Journey! Awesome!

Ashley said...

Thank you for using the phrase "whet your whistle" instead of the standard, "wet your whistle," correctly.

I always appreciate gud spulling and. punctumacation?!


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