Monday, October 4, 2010

Camera Woes

My camera is broken.

I blame the cute chipmunk eating white berries in a sun-drenched field Saturday in Yellowstone Park. If it weren't for her, I would've never attempted to take a picture. The wrist strap would've never stuck on the velcro of the camera case, pulling it from my grasp. And my beloved Nikon Coolpix S10 wouldn't have plummeted onto a rocky trail in the Rocky Mountains.

I sent it off for repair today.

But I have a dilemma.

It is three years old, but its used value is $330. Still worth repairing, I think. The guy at the electronics store thinks the repair will be around $100. At first he suggested I look at replacing, not repairing, until he realized it has a 10x optical zoom. That's not something $100 replaces. I will get an estimate for the repair in about 10 days. If I choose to have it fixed, my camera will return to me in about six weeks.

Six weeks!

In the next six weeks, we are having family come for my nephew's third birthay. I will celebrate my 29th birthday. Halloween will happen. My first 5k race. And maybe Thanksgiving will even fall into that time frame. I really don't want to be without a camera.

What do I do?

Today at work, I tallied all my unused gift certificates (we get these occassionally for doing a noteworthy job. I usually save mine all year and cash them in for Christmas shopping). I could cash in $80 to Target or Fred Meyer and put that toward a camera. I could get a super-compact affordable camera that I could carry in my purse. And when my S10 is fixed, that could be my "nice" camera and I'd just have an on-the-go camera. Or we could just not even attempt to have the S10 fixed and just buy something to replace it. But I love it. We could use our film camera for the next six weeks (which returns about 50% of photos blurry. And blogging would suck).

What would you do? Any other ideas I haven't considered?


UK Yankee said...

Boo!! Stupid squirrel. I'm so sorry!

(You're not going to like my suggestion, but it's not like I'm forcing you to do anything, so why am I worried?) Anyway, I'd get your camera fixed. I'd save your gift certificates for Christmas like you'd planned. I'd snag any and all family photos from your nephew's birthday and any other event that you invite people to. I'd try to borrow a family member or friend's camera for your birthday and 5K and Halloween, and for anything else I'd just get a little disposable camera. I know it won't do pretty pictures, but you can get creative and still get some good shots.

Just remember your get-outta-debt plan and how well you guys are doing! Don't let the squirrels win.

Mom on the Go said...

We LOVE our Cannon Elph! It takes fast pictures and is around $100. Just in case you decide to buy a point and shoot.

Kristy Skoy said...

If you love pictures as much as I do, then you need 2 camera's. I have a small one that is in my purse. Sony Syber-shot takes great fun shots. And then I have my nice $800 one that I use for all my special occasions. Good Luck! I couldn't go one day without a camera.

Melissa Giles said...

Well, I have three cameras!! I have my big SLR Digital Canon 20D for all my professional stuff, my Sony video camera (that also does pictures) that the in-laws gave us-- great for vacationing, and my little point and shot that I carry in my purse always. I love having a little camera that I can take anywhere! If you decide to have your camera fixed and are without for 6 weeks, you can borrow my little one if you'd like. I have other ones to use so it wouldn't be a big deal. Oh and I have a camera on my phone (not the best quality, but none the less it takes pictures).

Alicia said...

I totally agree with UK Yankee. If you know someone is coming and they have a digital camera, ask them to bring it along because yours is broken. Then see if you can use it to take the pictures you would like and have them email them. Then you still have the digital form, instead of a disposable. Or if you have a friend that has an extra camera you can borrow for six weeks that would work too.

Beckie said...

I would not repair it- I would replace it-- !! Repair jobs are never great-- and you'd hate to repair and have it come back -- not100%

Life Happens said...

I think that it would be a great idea to have your camera fixed, but to also have a smaller point and shoot type of camera. We have had a Sony Cyber-shot for about the last six or seven years. It wasn't very expensive and has held up to being dropped on the asphalt a couple of times. It has a perpetually loose screw, but it still takes great pictures. It has been a great camera for our family. One of the things that I love about it is that it turns on quickly and allows us to take one picture after another without waiting very long. That was especially important to me when my boys were younger. My sister has had two Sony Cyber-shot cameras and has loved them both. I really want a newer model because the zoom and megapixels are so much better now. I just can't justify it since my camera still works great though! It is definitely a camera worth some consideration. Hope this helps!

Rachel said...

My sis-in-law Karen recommends a good camera here:


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