Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corset Tales

My last few blog posts have been a bit depressing. Or predictable. Or something else that isn't exactly fantastic.

New topic.

It's amazing what kind of attention you get when you tell people you own a corset.

Some just raise their eyebrows and say absolutely nothing.

Others ask what it looks like and where I bought it.

Some may even comment on it casually and hold it up. This someone may or may not have been a male coworker who shocked me to the core by doing this.

And then there's Amber, the girl who sits by me at work, who loudly proclaimed, "I am not surprised you own a corset. Anybody raise their hand if they're surprised that Lara owns a corset." She looked around the office. "See? No one is surprised."

I maintain that absolutely no one was listening to her. She, of course, maintains that we all secretly knew I was the corset-wearing type.

It's for Halloween, folks, I swear. I bought it for Halloween 5 years ago. And this will make the third Halloween I've used it. Not saying it hasn't seen a little recreation on the side...

At work, our Halloween theme is Wild West. (If you work with me but are not in my department, pretend I didn't just spill the beans.) I am dressing as a saloon girl floozy. Two weeks ago, I went to the costume shop to find all the pieces of my costume. I had the corset and I knew that would be an integral part of my floozy girl. But I wanted to find a ruffly skirt and a basic white shirt to go under the corset. The proprieter of the shop helped me find just what I was looking for. I explained my costume to her. Naturally*, she asked, "Do you need a corset?"

*I say naturally, because naturally she was trying to up the sale. I don't think it's natural to ask someone whether or not they own a corset in mere casual conversation.

I told her that I didn't need one, that I owned one that I would use.

She enthusiastically replied, "Good for you!"

It's been two weeks and I'm still not sure how to take that.

Halloween 2006: The corset in question. And yes, Amber, those are leather pants. Fake leather pants. And no, Amber, no one is surprised that I own fake leather pants. Or a pair of wings.


Jessica said...

Oh I love it! And it makes me miss the Halloween there. And no, I'm not surprised either. (Only because I'm pretty sure I had heard it talked about during previous Halloweens...) And I will need to be seeing pictures from the Marketing Dept Halloweeen!

Beckie said...

hot hot!! I love it! YOu owna corset-- and love it! YOu should wear it more often!!

Amber Bare said...

See no one is surprised. I want your next post to be about bustles. I could write the how to portion. As I've made two in the past two days. And I'm getting pretty good at it.

Ashley said...

You own a corset? Wow, I am actually surprised. Really and truly.

But you do OWN that corset!

If it weren't so mean I'd have to tell you a story about a girl my brother-in-law used to be engaged to who posted pictures of herself in her costume she bought for her husband's birthday.


She did NOT own that corset.

Hecks, now I wants one. Crap.

Where'd you get it?

Amy said...

That's awesome. Go corsets! :) Make sure you post this year's costume!

Kristy Skoy said...

I own one too! But it isn't as sexy as yours! I think I need to buy a new one! I love your costume!

The Gotch Family said...

I am not surprised that you own a corset. Nor am I surprised that you have a picture of yourself in it with leather pants and wings (cute by the way). My hats off to you for being brave enough to wear a corset to work not once, but three times.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!


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