Sunday, October 31, 2010

Appy Aween!

So I know Halloween isn't officially over yet, but for the most part, the festivities are so I'm gonna go ahead and post our pictures.

I am still learning to use my new camera but it seems to take a pretty good picture.

Friday night we went to Boo at the Zoo. It was really neat but waaaay more crowded than I expected. They had a hay bale maze, a craft center, lights on practically every tree, and fun displays in all the animal pens. 

 This hillside was full of jack-o-lanterns. So cool.

Saturday we carved  our pumpkins. I carved Jocelyn's then helped her paint it.

Later that night we went to our ward Halloween party and had chili and cornbread and got lots of candy.

 I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but our pumpkins were HUGE. Jocelyn is standing by hers, which was a good size, but Justin's and mine are behind me on the porch. They had to be thirty pounds a piece, easy. We got them at a roadside stand for $5 each. I was scared of how much work hollowing it out would be, but I found that it was easier than smaller pumpkins. Who knew?

Can you believe this haul? This only came from Melaleuca and the ward party. We didn't go door to door this year.  Joci can say "andy" (candy) and she can say "Appy Aween!" (Happy Halloween)

My pumpkin is on the left, Justin's is the scary one with sharp teeth and Joci's is the happy face. 

We didn't want Joci to get too much sugar, but I snuck her a piece or two of candy (and apple cider) and Justin did the same thing. She even stayed up past her bedtime and she was WIRED. Candy really does hype kids up! We were laughing and watching her literally bounce of chairs, couches, and the floor. It was funny until she threw up a tiny bit. Twice. But that didn't stop her! She still wanted to run around like crazy. After Justin and I both admitted to each other all that we had given her, um, yeah, it was way too much for an 18 month old. :)

Justin and I enjoyed watching Frankenstein (the one with Kenneth Branaugh - excellent I might add) and overall, we've had a fun weekend. Hope yours was good too!


Liz Smith said...

i just love halloween. looks like you guys had a great weekend. love the pictures and the pumpkins. :)

Jessica said...

You have the cutest lady bug around!

Hays Family said...

what a cute little ladybuy. I want some Andy too. You looked great as a saloon girl and your Melaleuca decor is fabulous. What a big all out job you and others accomplished.


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