Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have You Joined the Coupon Craze?

I have.

Sort of.

I am intimidated by coupons. They seem like a lot of work. And I question the value at times. But yesterday at work I attended a coupon seminar and came away feeling shocked by the amount of money these women saved, inspired to do the same, and, yes, intimidated that the time commitment and organization wouldn't be as easy as they proclaimed.

But I dutifully went home and checked out some coupon sites. Like:

The thing that inspired me the most to figure this out was not necessarily the monetary gains (which you think would've been motivation enough). No, it was the promise that I would never have to step foot in Walmart again. I hate Walmart. It is so crowded and busy and impersonal and It sucks a little life from my soul every time I go there. I always told Justin I would consider myself rich when I didn't have to shop at Walmart ever again. Now that I know how to watch the sales cycles and find coupons for what I need, I get to shop in lovely, organized, colorful, cheerful places like Target and Albertson's and Smith's.

Today we did our shopping at Target and Smiths. Our Target trip was quite small. Not a lot of needs there. But at Smith's, they were having a ten for $10 sale, and I stocked up on a lot of canned goods of things we normally purchase. Justin eyed the cart suspiciously, asking if we needed to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for all the groceries. I shrugged. Maybe it would be a little more money upfront to invest in a two month's supply of canned fruit, but it would ultimately pay of in the end. That's what I was hoping, anyway.

Our total came to $126.04. With sales prices and coupons, we saved $51.93 (42%) and payed $74.11 for not only this upcoming week's worth of groceries but a large supply of canned and dry goods for future use. We were thrilled! Justin especially. I was ecstatic to have bought only name-brand foods at a lovely, clean, colorful grocery store and still come out WAY better than a Walmart trip. We were so happy, we swung by Jack in the Box and got eggnog and pumpkin shakes to celebrate. :)

Do you coupon clip? Any tips for a beginner? Any other websites for great deals?


Katherine said...

I coupon off and on. I agree with you about Walmart. I love I also really like They have an ID forum with weekly shopping lists that are editable and have a star rating to help you know if things are a deal or not.

Kristy Skoy said...

I go on and off. It is hard to drag Logan out to do it. An if you want the great deals you need to shop albertsons on broadway at 5 am on the first day of the add. And you need to buy 10 post registers to get a good suply of each coupon. I have gotten great deals before but with all the couponers out there there isn't much supply left when their is a great sale.

Alicia said...

I have tried to combine coupons with sale prices and have been pretty successful. I also try to pricematch at the store that I like. I just have to go through the ads the night before I go and really get organized. It is a time commitment but it consistently saves another $10 on top of what you save with coupons. I like because she matches sale prices with coupons to get the best deals. I've also heard shopping Walgreens and CVS you can get some great deals but I haven't really jumped on that boat yet.

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The Gotch Family said...

Good job. I am proud of you. I saved an extra $10 this weekend on thing is was already planning to buy, but that is nothing compared to you.


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