Sunday, October 17, 2010

Makin' Changes

Having fun with my blog. I would really, really like to hire a professional for a blog redesign. I made the last header myself, and I kinda like it. I like the idea of it, but not the execution. So back to people who do it better than me.

I've also added a Question of the Week. Feel free to answer the question on any blog post or even on Facebook.

Blogger has a new widget featuring a blog's most popular posts. I've installed it. It's kind of wonky and some of the words are cut off, but it's cool to know what resonates with readers.

So, yeah. That's all. For now.


UK Yankee said...

I really like your new layout, especially the background paper, it's so cute!

My favorite Halloween movie is definitely 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. I just love Cary Grant in it; he's hilarious!

Alicia said...

The Witches...not necessarily a Halloween movie but it has witches.
Plus I love the author Roald Dahl.

Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock is interesting and witchy...but also a little scary for my taste.

Liz Smith said...

i like the new look!

Jennie Smith said...

I also love "Arsenic & Old Lace". It is one of my absolute faves!
Casper & Hocus Pocus are always good for a laugh too.


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