Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are pictures from our wild west town at work. Click through the slideshow. Click on the little yellow dude in the bottom left corner to read the captions. There are a lot of pictures.

P.S.  I got a new camera yesterday.


Jamie Boyd said...

Um... I only know about half of these people. What has happened to that place in the past year? The place looks awesome though. I got a little homesick looking at all the pictures. Fun, fun!

Meagan said...

OH MY GOODNESS! PLEASE TELL ME YALL WON! That looked amazing Lara! And Jamie, I don't even know half those people... :( A-mazing! Please tell the people who know me they looked amazing! (the other people did too but would they really care what I think?)

Liz Smith said...

you are a halloween machine!!! i can only imagine how fun your parties must be. happy halloween!

The Gotch Family said...

These turned out good. Your new camera is awesome. I need a copy of these please.

tisa said...

I have to say you did a heck of a job putting everything together! By the way thanks a ton for helping me with my hair and make up.

Jessica said...

Fabulous! (And I'm with Jamie...I didn't know half of those peeps!) That's definitely some of the best Halloween work Marketing has done! Way to go Lara!


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