Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twenty-Nine for the First Time

My camera is still broken. No pictures of this birthday. Justin was bummed, but I told him I have pictures from 28 other birthdays, I'm good.

At work today, my coworker Dan asked me how old I was. Twenty-nine, I told him. The last year of my twenties.

He just smiled knowingly and told me it would not be the last year of my twenties. I will turn twenty-nine many more times in the years to come. :)

The birth day

1st birthday (and yes, I still have that unibrow)

2nd birthday - showing off the pretty dress my mommy made

3rd birthday - still wearing my beloved birthday dress. what a cake! my mom is awesome.

4th birthday. i always had halloween parties.
5th birthday. one of the few store-bought costumes i ever had. i loved shera.

5th birthday again! yay for parties!

6th birthday. i guess i've always had a thing for lady bugs (see here and here)

{pictures not yet in albums...and not yet the digital age...}

25th birthday

26th birthday with niece afton and brothe jordan
27th birthday (what a great camera angle - my waist looks so teeny!)

28th birthday

P.S. I just noticed that I wore the same shirt on my 25th and 26th birthdays. Weird.


Liz Smith said...

i hope you had a great birthday, lara! Jared turned 29 this year too. so weird to think 30 is just around the corner...although you certainly don't need to worry because you seem to be exempt from aging after looking at all your pictures. you look the same as your 25th bday picture! so not fair!

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read more soon. BTW, pretty good design your blog has, but how about changing it every few months?

Beckie said...

Happy Birthday -- Plan on turning 29 forever- its gonna be a good year!! The best yet Ithink!

Amy said...

I hope you had a great birthday! It was fun to see some old photos, I hope you can get your camera fixed soon. :)


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