Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aren't We Adorable?

We had a friend take some snapshots of us a couple weeks ago at the BYU-I botanical gardens. Aren't we just such a cute family?

(this pose is cheesey but I like the red trees)

(the outtake)


UK Yankee said...

Ok, the one with Joci hanging upside down is HILARIOUS! This is the kind of shot that needs to go over the mantle!

Frederick Family said...

You are sooooo adorable. Way cute photos.

Liz Smith said...

yes you Absolutely are a cute family! love those pics. I especially love joci's little red peacoat and matching red flower. adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

These pics will be used in Joci's stampbook. Awesome - I hope you don't have a bald spot Lara. Great pictures and looks like a good photographer.

G. Z.

Jill Elizabeth said...

You guys ARE cute! I love the one of Joci in her little red coat - she looks so little and so grown up at the same time.

The Gotch Family said...

These turned out so cute. I am sad that I didn't take some before the snow fell. Good christmas card photos.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially like the outtake. :)


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