Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Most Selfish Man in America

Ever heard of PostSecret? It's an ongoing project where people send in their secrets anonymously on a postcard. Some are funny, some are gross, some are sad, some are sweet. They post new secrets every Sunday.

This post card was posted this week. It INFURIATES me.

This has got to be the most selfish man on the planet.

Do you even know how your wife's heart breaks month after month?

Do you even know the depths of your betrayal?

You are relishing in "getting some" regularly while you deceive your wife in this way? She will find out someday. Your precious little self-centered world will fall apart. I personally would find this nigh unforgiveable. I would forgive infedelity over this.

I want to punch you in your mutilated special place.


Ashley said...

i hate people

Beckie said...

oOH GUTSY!! I really hope its a jokE!!!

Liz Smith said...

wow, wow, wow. i agree with beckie, i hope for his sake it's a joke otherwise he will have no manhood left once his wife finds out.

UK Yankee said...

Wow, I can't even believe someone would do that. That poor woman! How long does he think this is all going to last?? I'm just horrified.

Meagan said...

Oh my... I agree Lara. That is so wrong AND sad. Could you imagine being married to someone like that?

The Gotch Family said...

I know you are angry, but that was freakin funny. I can't stop laughing at the way this post ended. By the way I totally agree.


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