Friday, November 5, 2010

October Family Parties

In the middle of October, we celebrated cousin Haiden's third birthday. We had some fun activities.

We went to the museum. Tons of inventions and contraptions built from Leonardo Da Vinci's work books were on display. It was great. Jocelyn loved the displays she was allowed to touch, but got mad when we wouldn't let her run free and grab everything. She did better in the children's museum where she was allowed to climb, grab, and play.

Then we fed the ducks and geese at the greenbelt. Jocelyn very
quickly caught onto tearing tortilla shells and throwing them - even though they didn't go very far.


 Haiden's third birthday party.

Whenever Grandpa Z comes, he brings a roll of dollar coins for Joci's piggy bank. This video shows her putting the coins in her bank.


Liz Smith said...

looks like fun times. :) and can i just say, i am loving you as a blonde! it looks great on you. You've probably been sportin' that look for a while now and i've been too out of it to notice. Love it! :)

Jamie Boyd said...

You're hair looks gorgeous! When did it get so long? I'm going to need to see you at Christmas.

And I just realized Liz commented on your hair too. I guess that's just what stood out in the post.


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